Ranged champions are a key part of the game, and it’s crucial to pick the right ones for your playstyle. In this article, we’ll take a look at Garen, Irelia, Gragas, and Jarvan IV. Having an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each champion is key to picking the right champion.


One of the most powerful ranged champions in League of Legends is Anivia. This spell-wielding champion can take down enemies with her magic damage and heal herself. She also has the ability to transform into her eggnivia form, which grants her a special ability that enhances her armor and magic resistance. Both her abilities are useful to her team, and you should learn how to use them to maximize your success in League of Legends.

If you want to dominate the enemy team, Anivia is one of the best champions to pick. Her passive ability increases her auto attack range. This champion also has the advantage of being equipped with moonstone weapons. You can learn a lot about other champions by checking their stats at CounterStats.


Gragas is one of the League of Legends ranged champions. While not overpowered, his powerful all-in makes him very difficult to squish. While he is a skill-dependent champion, with practice he can crush his ranged opponents. While he isn’t a traditional top laner, his Q doubles as a slow and gap close. In addition to his Q, Gragas has a powerful Explosive Cask that knocks his opponent into you and applies a stun.

Gragas’s W ability can be very useful in jungle clearing. It reduces damage by 2.5 seconds when it lands, allowing Gragas to deal more damage to enemy units. It also removes a 0.25-second delay. However, it isn’t a good idea to use Gragas without a stun. While you can still use other abilities to counter the damage done by his ultimate attack, it is best to use spells that reduce damage dealt to your team or enemy.

Jarvan IV

As a ranged champion, Jarvan IV is a versatile choice. His primary attacks deal bonus physical damage based on the health of the enemy. However, this damage cannot be triggered on the same enemy repeatedly. That means you need to avoid him if you’re playing as a tank.

While Jarvan may not be the top laner in League of Legends, he has a unique ability to demolish his ranged opponents. Using his E and Q combos, he can perform a devastating attack on his opponent. His W and Q combo is known as Golden Aegis.


In the land of Valoran, Shyvana was born as a young monstrous woman. She had the ability to shift into a monstrous form, but she was still a member of the common people. Despite her monstrous appearance, Shyvana retained her connection to her lost daughter.

As a ranged champion, Shyvana can use her flame breath to harass her enemies. This spell has good range and deals a large amount of magic damage. It also reduces the target’s armor for 4 seconds. In addition, Flame Breath deals an additional 15% damage if the target has a debuff.