league of legends ranged tank

If you’re looking to improve your League of Legends Ranged Tank, there are a number of strategies you can try. There are some good ones out there, but they all involve using passive skills to increase damage. Some of the best ways to do this are by using Tahm Kench and Dr. Mundo’s passive Glorious Evolution, and the W (Ki Burst) from Dr. Mundo.

Tahm Kench

As a ranged tank in League of Legends, Tahm Kench deals mostly Magic Damage. He builds up stacks of An Acquired Taste, a powerful damage spell, and can use Devour to deal damage to an enemy champion. This skill deals 80/130/180/230/280 (plus 90% Ability Power) magic damage. It also slows the first enemy hit for two seconds.

The ultimate of this champion is a potent ranged attack. When used effectively, it can steal up to 40% of a target’s resistances. This makes it extremely vulnerable to enemy tank attacks for up to four seconds, which is more than enough time for your team to focus-fire and remove it from the map. This champion is often picked as a response to an enemy’s drafting of a tank.

Dr. Mundo’s passive Glorious Evolution

When it comes to league of legends ranged tanks, Dr. Mundo is one of the best. His high health and Blade of the Ruined King ability allow him to deal huge damage without being targeted. However, he does not have a hard CC or engage ability. In order to make use of his passive, Dr. Mundo must be able to handle a large amount of damage.

While Dr. Mundo is super tanky and hard to take down, he is also prone to getting shut down, especially against highly skilled opponents. It is therefore important to focus on teamwork and bringing down towers. He should also focus on securing the jungle and teamfights. Finally, he should not forget about splitpushing! Splitpushing is an essential skill for Dr. Mundo, as it will allow him to start a 5 vs 4 teamfight.

Dr. Mundo’s W (Ki Burst)

The passive ability “Gos Where He Pleases” is a powerful tool that helps Dr. Mundo deal with enemies. It will negate the first immobilizing ability of any enemy champion. When an enemy champion takes damage from him, he will drop a health canister. This canister can be picked up by Dr. Mundo to regenerate his health, or it can be stepped on by the enemy to destroy it. When this canister is dropped, the health regeneration rate will increase based on the maximum health of the enemy champion.

If you’re looking for a mid-to-late-game ranged tank with good damage, you should go with Dr. Mundo. His current build is more of a mid-game champion than a top-tier tank, but Riot plans to buff his early-game sustain and late-game damage. Riot Twin Enso revealed the changes on Twitter.


Jayce, the ranged tank in League of Legends, is one of the most dynamic characters in the game. He can be extremely effective in late game, as his burst damage is insane. In addition to this, his ability to change into a melee form makes him the perfect choice to kill the main enemy carry.

Although his skills are fairly similar to that of a melee tank, Jayce has a slightly higher skill ceiling than the average ranged tank. In addition, his kit revolves around using his ranged and melee forms, which opens up a variety of playstyles and combos.


Leona is not a traditional support champion in League of Legends. The word “support” conjures up images of a tank, but Leona is actually a ranged tank. She has a great kit, and is best when you can stick to enemies. Her first item is Ixtali Seedjar, which provides lots of health. You can also equip Warmog’s Armor, which gives you a huge amount of health regeneration.

Leona has decent scaling for her main stats, and has a higher health bar than most supports. She can survive longer than most supports, and her ultimate can be a powerful way to end a game. Her key ability, W – Eclipse, grants 50% damage reduction, bonus armor, and bonus magic resist for three seconds. She has good roaming potential, too.