If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the new hero, Nightbringer Kayn, the new champion in League of Legends, you’re not alone. Many players are eagerly awaiting her new abilities, including Reaping Slash and Umbral Trespass. However, you’ve probably noticed that she is currently disabled in the game. Riot Games is currently working to fix this problem.

Nightbringer Kayn

As part of the League of Legends World Championship celebrations, the Nightbringer Kayn skin was released on September 23, 2021. This new skin features an inverted color scheme, with Kayn’s shadow Assassin form being red and his spirit form being blue. This skin was one of the first skins to include Nightbringer’s dual forms.

There are a few problems with the Nightbringer Kayn skin, but these issues aren’t as severe as the audio bug that affects Odyssey Kayn. The game developer said that it is working on a fix to the problem. Until then, players can expect a small micro-patch.

Nightbringer Kayn’s splash art plays up her conflict between light and dark. She leaps through the air, displaying two arms and two eyes. She also appears in two different pants. She can choose to be an assassin or a bruiser champion.

Reaping Slash

The new champion Reaping Slash allows Kayn to dash forward, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. The scythe also deals bonus damage, dealing up to 55% damage to monsters. In addition to her new moveset, the character can also use the Shadow Step to control team fights. One of Kayn’s most important spells is Umbral Trespass, which enables her to dodge enemy skill shots and cast Smite while inside an enemy.

Reaping Slash will benefit Kayn the most in early levels, where she wants to farm the jungle to purchase key items and compete in the map. Its cooldown reductions are crucial, especially since she is vulnerable during the first clearing of the jungle. She also benefits from a powerful gank, as she can kill waves while her teammates are returning to the lane. In addition, Blade’s Reach will also receive buffs, increasing her slow to 90% when she hits enemies. This buff will boost her early game gold earnings.

The Reaping Slash Kayn League of Legends release date has been rumored to fall sometime during the third week of November. However, this is only based on speculation and pre-existing trends.

Umbral Trespass

The new Umbral Trespass ability will allow Kayn to teleport to an enemy champion and deal massive damage. It deals damage over two seconds and is recastable after 0.75 seconds. When used correctly, it deals 110% bonus AD and deals 150/250/350 physical damage. Kayn will also be untargetable during the duration of the effect.

Kayn is an assassin champion with a unique stance, which is made for melee play. She has a high damage output and has a good range of attack. She can also use her Shadow Assassin ability to deal even more damage.

In her Skirmisher form, Kayn has a huge amount of utility and can heal herself, while her Rhaast form deals massive amounts of max health damage. She also has a one-second knockup while in her Skirmisher form. She is a great teamfighter and her W and R abilities are her best tools.


League of Legends’ Homeguard Kayn is one of the most anticipated new heroes for the game. In the game, Kayn fights with an ancient weapon to defeat his enemies. He can gain an additional bonus when fighting enemy champions while inside the weapon. His Shadow Assassin ability also adds bonus damage during the first few seconds of combat.