League of Legends Reveal Skin Shard

To obtain a League of Legends revel skin shard, players have to complete missions during the event, which ends on Feb. 19 at 11:59 PM PT. Players can complete the missions by using bot games or by completing them in real games. They will need Revel Tokens to complete these missions, which can be earned through completing missions and by purchasing crafting bundles. In addition to this, players can purchase loading screen borders, which cost 64 tokens each. While the borders look pretty, they don’t get you a skin.

Porcelain Lux foundation

League of Legends has a new skin available for purchase: the new porcelain skin. This skin is designed to match the new Prestige Edition, and comes with a blue and white color scheme. Players can purchase the skin by purchasing the Lunar Revel 2022 pass bundle. This skin is adorned with art provided by Riot Games, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

The new Lunar Revel 2022 event is full of new content, including new skins. The event also features a brand new battle pass, new weekly and milestone missions, and a brand new points system. The updated points system makes it easier to earn XP and other rewards.

Working Life

The Lunar Revel is an ongoing event in League of Legends. To participate, you need to buy Lunar Revel envelopes, which cost 250 RP each and contain either a skin shard or a random relic. Skin shards are used for regular Hextech Crafting, whereas relics can be used for different purposes.

Fringe Benefit

League of Legends has added a new skin shard fringe benefit in the game. If you find a special item, called a Durandal Bag, you will have a chance to receive seven skin shards, all of which are legendary or epic. However, you cannot receive more than seven shards. The bonus is not always the same as a regular skin shard, but it is still better than nothing.


The OPTIK League of Legends revel is a limited time skin shard that grants its holder access to a variety of different League of Legends skins. These limited time skins can be used to customize your character’s look. There are two main categories of these skins: Cybernetic and Firecracker. This type of skin shard can give you one of each of the skins from each line, with the exception of Ultimate Pulsefire Ezreal, Mythic Tier, and Epic Tier skins. This shard may also contain random skins.

Although 280 Orange Essence is not a lot, it can save you a lot of time if you are constantly rerolling your skins. Besides, it’s easy to save up Orange Essence so you can use it for future skin shard drops.

Lunar Revel 2022 is the upcoming Chinese New Year event, which will feature dozens of new skins, rewards, and event missions. This event will take place on the Summoner’s Rift and Runeterra.