League of Legends – Rick and Morty Voice Pack

If you love the infamous Rick and Morty TV show, you might want to try out the Rick and Morty voice pack. This voice pack includes 48 minutes of straight audio lines from the show. The audio lines are fun to listen to and reveal some of the plot line details. It is recommended that you listen to the whole compilation with headphones.

Adam Jensen voice actor Elias Toufexis

Elias Toufexis is the voice of Adam Jensen in the Rick and Morty voice pack. He is a Canadian actor who has a wide range of roles in fantasy and science fiction. He began his career in small television roles and soon moved on to more prominent roles in television shows and movies. He has been credited with playing Morton on the Deus Ex series, as well as Bronson in Supernatural.

Keith David voice actor Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen is a fictional character in the Deus Ex video game series and the player character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is the head of security for Sarif Industries, a company that develops and researches augmented human technology. In Human Revolution, he is injured in a terrorist attack, and after his recovery, he is forced to wear augmented robotic parts to protect the company’s assets. As part of the game’s plot, he also hunts for augmented terrorists.

During the development of Saints Row 4, David voiced the role of actor turned politician Keith David. David looks remarkably like the real Keith David, and this made his casting that much more effective. Previously, David voiced the character Keith David in the game Saints Row 2. But the casting of Keith David in Saints Row 4 was more impressive than ever.

Adam Jensen voice actor Adam Jensen

If you like the voice actors on the Rick and Morty series, then you’ll love Adam Jensen’s work in this animated cartoon series. His work on the show includes playing the villain Dr. Victor Fries, which has received a lot of praise from fans. He is also the voice actor behind a number of characters from DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go!, as well as Plastique on the popular Max Harley Quinn video games.