League of Legends Roadmap 2021

Riot Games has released an updated roadmap for champions in League of Legends. This new roadmap includes a new visual rework for Udyr. After Udyr, Riot will not be able to release another champion before the end of the year, but the next two champions will be released early in 2022.

Empires of the Ascended

This March, League of Legends is releasing Empires of the Ascended, a brand-new expansion set that adds 110 new cards and a new region called Shurima. The new region will have its own unique theme, centered around Ascension. There will also be nine new champions in the expansion, including Nasus, Renekton, and Azir. The update is slated to arrive in patch 2.3, which is scheduled for release on March 3, 2021.

The new expansion will focus on the themes of ascension and inevitability, and is filled with new mechanics. This includes level 3 Ascended Champions, deck manipulation, and high-impact combos. Various landmarks will also be included in the new set.

Dr. Mundo

After the announcement that Udyr and Fiddlesticks will be getting reworks, Riot Games is now confirming the next big game rework: Dr. Mundo. The rework will include updates to gameplay mechanics and graphics. Additionally, Riot Games released splash art and voice lines for Dr. Mundo. These are all great news for Dr. Mundo fans!

Riot Games has confirmed that two new champions will be added to the League of Legends lineup in 2020. With two new champions added each season, Riot aims to release six new champions per year. This includes one for each role, including mid lane mage and support champion. Currently, Riot has released four champions and is working on the fifth. This upcoming update will feature a few changes to the character, including an updated appearance that will make him more competitive.

Among the changes, Dr. Mundo’s new passive will add 15 attack damage, but he will also add bonus attack damage depending on the amount of missing health. His next attack will deal an extra 0-60% damage for every additional health you lose. This ability is also great for swatting away enemies. Unlike the current Dr. Mundo, this move will deal very minimal damage to enemies.


The next League of Legends champion will be a tank, and he will be from a new region, Shurima. His culture is not yet known, but it should be revealed soon. Riot Games has released a teaser trailer, showing his new look and backstory. In the trailer, we can see the unique way K’Sante can fight. He will be a top lane tank that has high skill.

K’Sante is a tank champion that can shrug off your defenses and smash through enemy duelists. He is known for saving allies and destroying enemies, but he also has great damage. He can pick out the enemy team’s biggest threat and smash them through a wall to duel them. He has a new skin inspired by rapper Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X’s anthem for LoL World Championship was released last September, and he’ll be featured in the skin.


Skarner is the second champion in the game to receive a rework, following Udyr. Riot Gaming released concept art for Skarner, including a number of new looks for the champion. The sketches focus on Skarner’s natural scorpion appearance, his tail, and his crystals covering his body. This new look makes Skarner look more like a mythical monster.

The lore of Skarner is also expected to undergo some changes. Riot has hinted at the possibility of adding new lore about the champion, though the details have not yet been revealed. The character’s basic skills and innate strengths will remain untouched.