league of legends runes 2018

In League of Legends, there are many different runes that you can use to your advantage. Choosing the right one depends on what you’re looking for in your champion. Some champions benefit from domination, while others may want to use Precision or Perseverance. Some champions may even want to use Press the Attack to boost their damage output in the early game.


For a tank champion, the right runes can make all the difference. Ideally, you should look for ones that increase health regeneration and defensive stats. Runes that increase shield strength are a good choice as well. But before choosing a specific rune, it is important to understand what each one does.

Domination is a strong damage rune for champions that can deal burst damage and spread it across the map. Assassins and other champions that can use this tree effectively will benefit the most from it. With time, they can increase their damage output and utility. It’s also possible to use this rune with other champions, such as Syndra, who deals quick bursts of damage.

Sorcery is another good choice for champions that rely on their abilities. This rune has a lower burst damage cap than Domination, but offers alternative options for damaging enemies. You can use Arcane Comet and Summon Aery to hit enemies with your abilities, and you can get additional movement speed by using Phase Rush after landing three abilities.


If you’re interested in boosting your DPS, you might want to look at the new Rune Tree called Precision. This new rune tree has keystones that favor champions with high DPS and speed. This rune tree is also great for sustained damage and fights, making it a popular choice for Marksmen. It also works well with ADCs, due to its yellow theme, which represents speed.

In League of Legends, Precision is one of the five rune paths in the game. Players can choose between five rune paths, each consisting of three or four Keystones and three rows of minor runes. Players can choose to focus on one or more of these paths, depending on their preferred style of play. The main rune path is called Precision, and it focuses on sustained damage dealers and marksmen. A player with this rune path will receive one primary Precision Keystone, as well as three secondary runes in a row, allowing them to maximize the damage output.


Perseverance is a legendary rune that grants you the ability to heal your teammates. It is the strongest rune in League of Legends. It can be obtained by using the axe. It can also be used to freeze nearby gear and runes. This can be very useful if you find a difficult-to-find rune or are in a dangerous situation.

When Riot introduced the new runes in League of Legends, it made big changes to the game. Besides introducing plants in the jungle, the team also reworked the assassin class. The next pre-season update is expected in November, so you should be prepared to adjust your playstyle to make the best use of new runes.


Aftershock is a powerful AOE damage rune that increases damage done by your champion. It can be used by champions with ranged damage and engage support. The rune is useful to pick off enemies that are overextended and gives your teammates lane advantage. This rune also increases your tankiness, allowing you to sustain the damage that your team takes.

Aftershock is also a great choice for tanky supports and CC bruisers. It increases their defenses for a few seconds and creates an area of damage around them, based partly on their max health.

Shield Bash

The new rune, Shield Bash, is an addition to League of Legends’ rune system. This rune gives champions flat resistance to damage, and scales off of the shield target’s bonus health. The rune is useful against champions that are strong in survivability, but it can also be broken by champions that are weak to damage. For example, the shield of an Orianna mid can be destroyed by a Janna support or jungle Jax. The same goes for Aatrox.

Another rune that’s useful for tank players is the resolve keystone. Tanks almost always want to take the resolve keystone, but support players will also benefit from this rune. Support heroes aren’t usually carried shields, but the shield they get from the rune is useful to them as well.