When it comes to playing jungle league of legends, the meta is definitely changing. There are fewer “presets” and more options in the metagame than in previous seasons. While the balance has improved, the jungle role is one role that is still prone to imbalance. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to completely discard your jungle role. This article discusses the changes in the jungle meta and some of the best characters to farm with.

Changes in jungle league of legends

In the upcoming League of Legends season 7, Riot Games is planning to make some changes to the jungle. These include making it easier for junglers to clear the jungle, as well as making jungle pets more useful for junglers. The company has not yet shared the full details of their plans.

Jungle players should pay close attention to these changes, as they can affect how their characters play in the jungle. New jungle items will also come with a jungle companion, which is a jungle elemental that will evolve as you kill jungle camps. These companions will specialize in different aspects of the jungle, ranging from damage to speeding up and healing. This change is a good thing for new players, but will likely lead to lazy pathing and bad habits for intermediate and advanced players.

One of the biggest changes in the jungle is a change to the camp leash system. This will affect how a jungler can use their red buff mid-pull and how long it takes to heal to full. This change will also change the way junglers can communicate with each other.

Top players

There are several tips to be a top player in the jungle. First of all, you must know how to play your champions correctly. This is not as simple as it seems. You have to learn how to use them correctly and also watch replays to improve your knowledge. Then, you must be consistent with your decisions. This can be done by practicing and keeping yourself updated with the latest patch.

One of the most popular jungle heroes in the game is Ambition, who was considered the best Mid Laner in Korea during the World Championships. He helped his team to win the World Championship by defeating SKT T1 and Faker. In addition, he has won 2 MLG events and two IEMs. His overall record is 182 wins and 92 losses, making him one of the top players in the jungle.

Changes in jungle meta

There have been a lot of changes in the jungle this season. Luckily, Riot has provided explanations for many of them. You can read about the reasoning behind them below. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones. We’ll start with the kindred.

Hel: This support character has strong heals and damage, and it also has great flexibility. His innate ability to clear crowd control has made him an important addition to the meta, as well as a great ganking ability. Hel is the only support in the game with these traits.

Wukong: This hero is a versatile and adaptable character. His 72 Transformations allow him to change roles depending on the situation. The eagle form is a good option for Solo Laners, while his Tiger form offers more direct damage. In addition, he can engage in big team fights using his Master’s Will and Somersault Cloud. The pet is also useful for stalling and can survive disengage knockbacks.

Characters that can gank in jungle league of legends

If you’re looking for a character that can gank in the jungle, there are several options available. These heroes have a variety of skills, including melee damage and survivability. While some characters can be difficult to kill, they can be a great option for the right situation.

First, you need to know how to gank effectively. First of all, you must have a good overview of your enemy’s positioning and the position of your team. The best ganking strategy is to go after enemy laners when they’re closer to your tower. This allows you to deal massive damage and crowd control while also denying them the chance to dodge your attacks.

Another character that can gank is Alistar. Though he isn’t typically considered a jungler, his early game strengths make him a fantastic choice. He also has a great passive ability called Trample, which allows him to pick off enemies and heal allied units.