If you want to hide in League of Legends, you can learn how to use some secret chat commands. Some of these commands are /mute, /AFK, and /invisible. In addition, there are also commands that can make you invisible or reply to messages. These are just some of the many ways to communicate with other players in the game.


League of Legends has many secret chat commands you can use to gain an advantage over your opponents. These commands are often used for specific purposes, such as muting an enemy or starting a conversation with an online friend. There are also some chat commands you can use to silence chat messages from players while playing the game.

For example, /r champion can be used to reply to someone’s chat without being seen by the other player. This command can also be used to copy a person’s crosshair while spectating. By typing this command in chat and pressing enter, you can copy the crosshair of another player or vote. These commands are useful for new players as well as veterans.


Secret chat commands for League of Legends let you stay invisible to other players and keep them out of your game. By using this command, you can make yourself invisible to all players on the game’s Summoner’s Rift map. The secret chat command can be used to hide your presence while playing the game or during a conversation.

While some players have complained about the lack of communication in ranked modes, other players are enjoying the quiet. If you can’t stand to hear the other team’s voice, you can just type ‘%i’ in your match chat. This will disable chat for both teams.


League of Legends’ /mute command is a quick way to stop players from talking to you. You can use it to keep yourself from listening to annoying players, but be careful as it can take up to 30 seconds. There are also several other ways to mute a player. These include using /fullmute, /mute all, and /mute ping. To use these commands, you must have the players’ names in your chatbox.

League of Legends also features a private message system. A private message is a message that only a specific summoner can receive. To send a private message, use the /whisper command. You can also use the /reply command to respond to a message. The only catch is that you need to be friends with the summoner.


In League of Legends, you can send messages to friends or enemies in game. Simply open up your chat and type /reply to send a message. When someone replies to your message, it will appear in yellow. You can also reply by typing /w or /whisper. To use these commands, you must be friends with the person you want to send a message to.

In addition to sending direct messages, you can also send private messages. This feature is handy for venting frustrations to friends and teammates. To use this function, you must be in the same Age and on the same buddy list.

/reply quickly

Secret chat commands in League of Legends are a great way to quickly respond to your friends’ messages. These commands allow you to type your reply without retyping the whole message. If you are having trouble with typing your reply, use the /r chat command. This will automatically reply to the last person who sent you a message.

The /w method will change the recipient, while the /r method replies to the original message. In League of Legends, these commands fill in the recipient’s name and character. You can use both methods to send messages to a friend or to other players.