League of Legends Shen Update

Grasp Chop

The Grasp Chop is a noncommittal trading tool that is triggered by Grasp of the Undying proc. It can be used from any position. You can also trigger it with the Shield Bash and Cheap Shot runes. This ability will help you to gain an advantage in the Solo Queue.

While Shen is a spirit realm enforcer, she can wield blades of steel and arcane energy. She can also pull her spirit blade to a location, increasing the amount of damage she can deal. In addition, pulling her spirit blade through an enemy increases her basic attack damage and slows them down. This ability isn’t easy to use, but if used correctly, it can turn a fight.

Shadow Dash

The latest League of Legends Shen update adds a new passive and buff to Shen’s kit. It also changes the look of her spectral sword, and there are also new skins. This update makes Shen a more versatile champion, giving her a lot more to do in teamfights. This buff makes her less of a brick wall in the lane, which is great for both solo queue and pro play.

The new Shadow Dash is one of Shen’s most important abilities. It deals damage to all enemy champions and monsters, and gives her a taunt for 1.5 seconds. Shen’s ability to join a skirmish can also lead to early action, which can make for a chaotic game with little macro strategy. This new champion also gives top laners a new reason to set aside Darius and Wukong.


The Q-Flash is a new mechanic for Shen that changes the way the champion fights. Instead of relying on ranged attacks, Shen must now use melee combat. This means manoeuvring around his opponent, positioning himself to pull his spirit blade through. Fortunately, a new ability called Shadow Dashing allows Shen to force the issue, granting him a large amount of damage and opening up the Spirit’s Refuge for him.

This ability is a versatile melee weapon that Shen can use to make the most of his abilities. It deals increased damage with empowered strikes and slows enemies. It also increases Shen’s attack speed by 50%. In addition, it enchants Shen’s spirit blade to increase her damage and speed.

Second Wind

The League of Legends Second Wind update brings several new features for the game. This update includes a new boss fight, Mammoths, and new weapons. Players who take damage from champions can also gain health regeneration from the Second Wind. This new feature can be very beneficial to players who are on low health.

The Second Wind update is a fan-driven effort powered by over fifty Zelda fans. The patch adds new difficulty settings, weapons, quests, and a new town. In addition, this patch fixes several key bugs.

Q-W Protecting

Q-W Protecting is a powerful Shen mechanic that protects your allies from basic attacks. When an ally champion walks in, Shen will create a shield around their blade that blocks enemy basic attacks for 2 seconds. This protection will also shield allied champions from on-hit effects and spells that count as basic attacks. While the mechanic can be challenging to master, it can make the difference between a losing and winning fight.

When protecting Shen, you have to be constantly aware of the map’s activity. While the minimap gives you some information, you also need to keep moving the camera around the map. Keeping an eye on your team’s status will ensure that Shen is always aware of where everyone is.

Sunfire Aegis

If you want to make Sunfire Aegis your favorite hero, you have to make sure you understand its unique strengths and weaknesses. Among its strengths are its defensive stats and its crowd control ability. You can use Sunfire Aegis to your advantage by combining legendary items with it to increase its power and impact.

The Sunfire Aegis’ bonus health makes it a useful accessory for those who are looking for extra health and tenacity. It also pairs well with Sterak’s Gage unique passive, which provides a shield with 75% of bonus health. Another advantage of Sunfire Aegis is its mythic passive, which provides 5% of the tenacity of legendary items. However, it’s worth noting that this passive cannot be activated by enemy spell effects and requires a certain amount of damage.