League of Legends Sivir Aram Build Guide

Despite being considered one of the best DPS champions in the game, Sivir Aram is notorious for being difficult to play. As such, a good build will focus on utilizing her special abilities and minimizing her weaknesses. These skills include Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork, Eyeball Collection, and Chempunk Chainsword.

Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo is an offensive Rune that gives an extra burst of attack speed when applying basic attacks. It is ideal for champions that rely on auto-attacks or in the ADC role. The effect is great early in the game due to its instant attack speed, but it becomes even more potent as you progress through the game and buy more attack speed items. Lethal Tempo will give your champion a great boost in attack speed, allowing you to kite behind your opponents and deal significant damage with your attacks.

The Lethal Tempo rune is one of the best runes you can use to boost your champion’s damage. This keystone allows you to attack more often, and it increases your champion’s damage and health while doing so. It also grants bonus gold, which is particularly useful in late game. The Lethal Tempo keystone can be useful when you need to increase your attack speed, but be sure not to waste it on useless items.

Fleet Footwork

While fleet footwork is a nice option for Sivir, it’s not necessary. Instead, consider using Lethal Tempo instead. This skill will give Sivir great attack speed and health. It’s also useful for taking down squishies.

Eyeball Collection is an excellent damage increase, but it requires champion takedowns. It gives 1.2 Attack Damage per stack, and 6 Attack Damage at 10 stacks. You’ll want to know which items work best for you in different situations so you can choose the right ones. For example, Serpent’s Fang is useful against champions with shields.

Eyeball Collection

If you’re looking to increase your Eyeball collection on Sivir, you should consider the Eyeball Collection tier, which increases your AD and AP per Eyeball collected. In addition to increasing your overall damage, the new Tier also grants additional bonuses, including extra Ability Power and Attack Damage. If you’re a Sivir player, this tier is a great choice because it’s one of the highest-damage champions in LoL.

Sivir is a fast-ranked champion with one of the highest AD ratios in the game, making his boomerang the scariest ability in the game. However, many players are still running this champion the old way, which isn’t ideal for Sivir. This season, Sivir has a completely new build based on poking with Q and gathering Darkharvest soul.

Chempunk Chainsword

If you are playing a Sivir in League of Legends, you will want to know which items to buy to maximize your damage. You can buy two different items to maximize your damage: Chempunk Chainsword and Serpent’s Fang. Sivir is one of the most powerful burst champions in LoL, so it is important to know what items are best to use in different situations.

A chempunk chainsword is an essential piece for a Sivir Aram build. This piece adds the ability to deal massive damage and can kill enemies while they are still in their tank. It is a cheap item that also adds Ability Haste to your stats.

Infinity Edge

The Infinity Edge sivir aram build is based on a four-striker composition that revolves around a separate carry. The build shines at level eight. Sivir has a high AD ratio, and his boomerang is the scariest ability in the game. Unfortunately, many players still run Sivir in the traditional manner. In season 11, this champion has an entirely different build. Instead of spending all of your gold on damage, you can spend your time collecting Darkharvest souls and poking with Q.

The Infinity Edge has its powers from the Oasis of the Dawn, an area in the Ancient Shuriman Capital that is said to have magical properties. Initially, players found this item in a shopkeeper’s bag in the Summoner’s Rift map, but it’s now displayed in both shops. You can find it in The Call as well, where Ornn is forging a similar razor blade. However, the damage conversion from a critical strike is now 10%, a decrease from 15%.

Ravenous Hunter

A Ravenous Hunter Sivir build is an excellent choice for players looking to get a high burst damage champion. This champion can execute enemies at half health or lower, and his long range Q allows him to take down champions in a matter of seconds. While it can be helpful to have several types of damage-dealing items, Sivir’s best item is the Serpent’s Fang, which gives him high attack speed and is useful against champions with shields.

Sivir is a marksman champion from Shurima, who has won several battles for benefactors. With his legendary crossblade, he can lead his team to victory. His abilities are also extremely useful in team fights, particularly his Poke With Q and Ricochet (W). This ability deals massive physical damage to any enemy in range, which makes Sivir a very effective choice for teamfights.