League of Legends Skins – Yone

The spirit blossom realm is colliding with the spirit physical realm and Yone, possessed by a demon, is the only person who can restore the natural order. However, she meets a new friend who isn’t too concerned about the balance. She is forced to choose between the two.


Yone is a spirit that has been spotted in the skin file of League of Legends’ Spirit Blossom Thresh. The character has already appeared in Riot Games’ other game, Legends of Runeterra, where she had several interactions with her brother, Yasuo. Despite this, the two have not yet fully explored the nature of their relationship.

While the official lore for Yone has not yet been revealed, Yone has a mysterious and unruly past. He was not expecting a second Glade Guardian in the same battle, but he managed to catch Thresh’s attention and promised himself that he would be with him no matter what.


The Spirit Blossom skin family is expanding for League of Legends, featuring Teemo, Thresh, Vayne, Yasuo, and Lillia. These new champions will feature designs based on legendary heroes from Ionian history. Originally, Lillia was a fawn spirit who lost her woods to a great fire. Now, she relives the destruction in an endless nightmare, unaware of the timid hope that waits to bloom.

The Spirit Blossom Thresh is an ancient demon of obsession and torture, haunting the afterlife as a supreme collector of souls. She torments the fallen in an effort to prevent them from reaching salvation, trapping them in their memories for eternity. Tristana is a hunter of this primordial demon of pain.

Yone’s world is turned upside down

The new Yone skin for League of Legends is an interesting addition to the game. It has a voice line that plays whenever you encounter specific champions. As you can see, the new Yone resembles Yasuo’s Spirit Blossom and Lillia’s Spirit Blossom splash art. In the new skin, Yone can also be played as a cunning fox, and it features new textures, VFX, VO, and recall animation.

Yone’s world is turned upside-down when two naughty companions begin picking souls from her. One is a former cultist and the other a former blood moon member who lost a loved one. It is a difficult situation for both of them, but luckily, their story is not over yet.

Earned by building a Spirit Bond with champion

Earning the Spirit Blossom Thresh is one way to increase your favor in League of Legends. You can do so by building a Spirit Bond with a champion, talking to him or her, or completing missions in the game. The favor you earn will increase your chances of winning certain in-game rewards. You can also earn favors by winning or losing certain games.

The Spirit Blossom Festival is now live in the game, so it’s time to get started! This new event allows players to earn the Spirit Blossom Thresh by building a Spirit Bond with a champion. These Spirit Bonds will help you unlock exclusive rewards and unlock more options.

Skins for Spirit Blossom Thresh

If you’re a League of Legends fan and have been looking for a new skin, there’s no better time than now! With three new Champions coming to the game this spring, there are some great new skins to choose from, including the new Spirit Blossom! This skin is an excellent way to spice up your character and have a bit of fun with your skins!

New Spirit Blossom skins have been revealed in the Anime Expo Lite panel. These are based on the anime-themed cosmetics in the game. The first one is the Summer Blossom Yassuo, which depicts the critter in bright, sunny colors, while the other two have dark, moody backgrounds. The last one is the Spirit Blossom Teemo, which looks like a wandering nomad.