League of Legends Sorcery Guide

Sorcery is one of the strongest skills in League of Legends. This skill gives you flat bonus movement speed throughout the entire match, and it works well with champions with natural bursts of movement speed, like Waterwalkers. It also gives you 7% more power than normal.

Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet is a passive champion that deals between 30 and 100 damage to enemies. In addition, it also grants 20% AP and 35% bonus AD. This damage is both physical and magic. This make it a good choice for support champions.

Arcane Comet is not very good against short ranged champions, but it’s not bad against ADCs. Annie can outtrade most ADCs in the lane (excluding Senna). Arcane Comet can be used with her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and a ranged support ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Taking Arcane Comet also helps her spam arrows towards her enemies and slows them down.

The Arcane Comet is a powerful spell that rewards champion takedowns, epic monster kills, and minion kills. Its range increases the longer you channel it. It also deals additional damage and a stronger slow to targets in the middle of it. Arcane Comet is a great choice for support, since it is not focused on burst damage.

Summon Aery

Summon Aery can be used to increase your champion’s damage. It also increases your total armor and magic resistance. In addition, you can use the Summon Aery rune to reduce the cooldown on your champion’s ultimate. It can also help you make use of the Transcendence rune to convert your CDR to AP faster.

While Aery is a great option for burst champions, she can also be used by tanky champions. This means that your champion can get more burst damage while maintaining the same level of health. The damage dealt by Aery can be combined with the damage buff of Inspiration.

The offensive component of Summon Aery is calculated to be 10 to 40 damage, depending on your champion’s level. The attack damage is a combination of 10% of the champion’s ability power and 15 percent of the enemy’s attack damage. This adaptive damage will be added to your damage output when the spell is cast on your target. Activating Aery can also be beneficial for buffing or healing an ally. The shielding effect of Aery has a range of 35 to 80.

Legend: Tenacity

Tenacity is a stat which can be beneficial for most champions in the game. It can help your champion counter DPS and Crowd Control abilities. It can also make your champion more mobile. Let’s look at how to boost your tenacity stat in League of Legends.

Having tenacity can help frontline champions defend themselves against heavy CC. It can be obtained through items, runes, and champion skills. Many champions, however, lack a specific skill that provides tenacity. The exception is the Silvermere Dawn, whose unique ability Quicksilver can remove crowd control debuffs and grant 50% tenacity for 3 seconds. It can also be obtained by equipping a Legendary item, such as the Sunfire Aegis.

The main source of tenacity in League of Legends sorceries is the Summoner spells. Each Summoner spell grants a 15% tenacity boost for 10 seconds. This boost scales with champion and monster kills, so Legend: Tenacity is an excellent way to increase your tenacity.


Hexflash is a sorcery ability that increases the range of a champion’s weapon by a certain amount for two seconds. It’s reactive, so you can reactivate it after the first second, but releasing the button before that period is up will put the weapon on cooldown for 10 seconds. By default, it uses Quick Casting, so you need to hold the First Cast button while activating it. You then release the button to perform the Second Cast.

Hexflash’s cooldown was not reset if a teammate was killed while channeling. There were two bugs, one with the passive sound effects and one with the cooldown. The first one was resolved with an update to the VFX of the champion. The second bug affected champions that had active spellshields.