League of Legends Spam Guide

If you’re having trouble with League of Legends spam, there are a couple of ways you can report it. First, you can use the Report Spam option while you’re playing the game. This will notify the game’s administration when a player engages in spamming during a match. This can help you keep the game’s community happy and safe.


The main subreddit for Ryze features many posts that are downright insane. Many people have posted threats of poisoning the water supply of LA, killing Riot employees, and more. In addition, there are also many posts about how to manifest Ryze’s powers with hard drugs. One user even wrote about painting himself blue and drinking blue antifreeze to restore mana. These posts were so bizarre that the subreddit mods gave up trying to moderate them and pinned mental health hotlines.

Ryze is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and has always been a machine gun spellcaster. His kit is much like an ADC, and his ultimate is mana-free and allows him to spam his abilities. However, in recent reworks, he’s had some changes made to keep him balanced at the highest level of play. Some players have adapted to the changes, and have been able to survive as a result.

Katarina Pentarina

Katarina Pentarina is a pentakill champion, adding 125% AP to each kill. Her combo is primarily AOE, but she can also spam her two abilities for massive amounts of damage. Zed has two abilities that can be spammed, as well as great CDR, so he is a great choice for a carry. He can also jump out of the way without dealing too much damage.

The Noxian assassin has an intense desire for victory. She is the daughter of the legendary General du Couteau and possesses a fiery ambition. Her dagger can cut enemies with magic damage, and when the enemy champion dies, her cooldowns are reset.


Soraka is an easy to learn support champion with tons of utility. His passive skills are ideal for a support laner, and he has a cheap price tag to boot. This makes him an ideal choice for new players who want to learn how to play support or veteran players who are looking for a change of pace.

A Soraka support is a nuisance to lane against without the use of ignite, since it heals the ADC with a low cooldown. This lets him cast his W more frequently, slowing enemies while dealing damage at the same time. Samira is another favorite for Soraka because she likes to dash behind the enemy line and deals damage quickly, so the champion makes a great choice for her.


Riven is a physical damage spammer who can deal massive damage within short periods of time. Riven has a broken wing that can be used three times to leap forward and slash enemy champions. This ability can be useful when you’re trapped in a tight spot and need to escape or to chase down enemy champions. Depending on your team’s composition, Riven may be a good choice to harass enemy melee champions. Against ranged champions, you’ll need to be passive.

Riven has a much higher winrate in Challenger than Yasuo and has a higher skill ceiling. Yasuo is more of a team-oriented champion, so he may be more appealing to players that like to play with a team. But don’t be fooled by his lower KDA. Riven is still a better option than Yasuo in League of Legends.


While you can use Omen spam to your advantage, there are a few things you should avoid to keep the game fair. These are teleportation bugs and the ability to teleport twice in one clip. To avoid these, make sure to have your teammate provide cover. Also, be sure to use an ability that allows you to track enemy rotations.

One of the biggest problems with Omen spam is that it’s prone to bugs, and has been since the game released in 2020. Valorant, the developers behind Omen, released a patch called Episode 2 earlier this month, but it was not without its flaws. Unfortunately, this patch introduced several new bugs that are causing people to experience a lot of problems. One of these bugs allows Omen to fly through the map and open teleporters.