League of Legends Stats Explained

League of Legends has a variety of stats. These include GPI, AD, AP, CP, and LP. These stats are used to determine your overall game performance. The game also allows you to customize stats based on the kind of game you’re playing. However, there are several factors that must be considered before boosting these stats.


League of Legends’ new GPI measures a player’s performance in team fights and skirmishes. It takes into account factors such as kills, assists, damage dealt, and frequency of fights. The GPI also takes into account positioning and decision-making during trades. Although the GPI is designed to focus on League of Legends, it can also be used in other games.

The company behind the GPI uses in-game data and machine learning algorithms to analyze how players play. This tool highlights the most efficient players in each role. It also provides actionable tips to improve your gaming.


When playing League of Legends, there are several League of Legends stats that are important to understand. The first one is attackspeed. It’s an important defensive stat, especially for AD carries, as slowing down their attackspeed can severely reduce the amount of damage they can do. As a result, it’s important to use defensive abilities that slow down enemies’ attack speed, such as Frozen Heart. It’s also helpful to have the proper positioning when playing an AD carry in a teamfight.

Another important stat is attack damage. This metric is based on how well you can damage enemies with attacks and spells. If you have high attack damage, you’ll be able to cast stronger spells. It’s important to note that attack damage scales with a champion’s base attack strength, which means it can be used to make an aoe weapon stronger. Other League of Legends stats you should be aware of include magic penetration and lethality, which both affect your attack damage.


The AP (Available Power) in League of Legends is a metric that represents the amount of damage that a champion can deal. While AP is a great advantage in the early game, it can be annoying later on. If you want to maximize the AP of your champion, you should focus on two main factors: the amount of mana the champion has and the type of damage the champion is doing.

AP Varus: The AP Varus build is an AP build that excels at burst damage. He can be boosted with items such as the Blighted Quiver, which applies stacks of Blight and deals bonus magic damage when consumed. This ability can also empower his ability to cast Piercing Arrow, which deals bonus damage based on the amount of health that a target has missing.


There are a variety of ways to use CC in League of Legends. You can use one hero to deal a lot of damage while stuning your opponents, or you can build a team that is balanced around this single hero. In general, it’s best to use CC on champions that don’t have skillshots, since they’re easier to farm for free LP.

Crowd control is a strategy that involves using spells to slow, immobilize, or freeze an enemy. It’s a vital tool for teams in League of Legends, and there are two main types of crowd control: hard and soft. Hard crowd control is used to prevent your opponent from moving or using abilities or spells, while soft crowd control simply slows down your opponent’s movement.

First blood rate

In League of Legends, the first blood rate is one of the most crucial stats in the game. It is extremely important because early kills can determine the outcome of a Valorant matchup. Additionally, early kills can also help a team secure a site. The top five players in the world with the highest percentage of first bloods will advance to the VCT Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen.

Ability Power

Ability Power is a stat that boosts the effectiveness of some abilities and items. It also increases the effectiveness of runes. When a unit gains an AP of 50 or more, their damage is increased by 20%. Some champions can boost their AP by playing the carry role. Some of these champions are Ahri, Syndra, and Orianna. Increased AP increases the effectiveness of these champions by increasing their mana, damage, and healing points.

Ability Power is also affected by items, runes, and champions. The amount of AP increases when a champion gains Adaptive Force. In addition, the amount of damage that a champion deals is also affected by this trait. A champion can gain AP by buying items that boost ability power. Items that give Ability Haste can be bought with gold. However, only a few items provide this stat. Therefore, it’s not an important stat for every champion.