League of Legends – The Gromp

The Gromp is a green frog-like creature. Although not related to toads or frogs, they evolved to fill a similar niche. The Gromp has been trained to use magic by shamans from frog tribes. This allows him to wreak havoc and defeat opponents.


If you’re a League of Legends fan, you might be interested in picking up the Gromp summoner icon. It can be obtained for 250 RP from the League of Legends store. You’ll have to be a level 25 player to summon him. His appearance is both terrifying and endearing, and his tanky protector look accentuates his snout.


The Gromp is a small, green frog-like creature. Although not related to frogs, Gromps have evolved to fit into the same niche as frogs. As such, they are equipped with magic learned from shamans of the frog tribe.

The Gromp starts a fight with full damage and 100% attack speed. It then gradually reduces its damage over the course of five attacks. The damage of this monster also diminishes with each level. This monster is a ranged monster, so its range and attack damage must be carefully considered.

Voice lines

The latest League of Legends patch contains a few mysterious voice files. As with previous patch announcements, these voice lines are triggered by jungle monsters and are often linked to an upcoming champion reveal. If you’re curious to learn more about these voice files, you can check out the video below.


The Location of Gromp in League of Legends is a unique location that gives players an overview of their progress with each champion. This bustling repository of information also lets users earn unique achievements by doing different tasks. The achievements vary in difficulty, but they are regularly updated. You can learn more about them here.