League of Legends Urgot Rework

The League of Legends Urgot rework is a major update for the character, giving him a brand-new kit. The current abilities of Urgot include re-casting enemy champions and canceling them when they’re low on health. He’s a fearsome character, and his abilities make enemy champions afraid of him. The new kit will be introduced in patch 7.15.


The new Objectivos class for League of Legends is a powerful juggernaut that can be used to kill enemies in a variety of ways. This character can shoot, pull, or grind enemies to death, but it also has a range of abilities to use in close combat. Its powerful knee cannons can be used to slam opponents to the ground for a brief stun, and it can also wrap up enemies in chains. Its destructive potential is endless, and it can be used to counter other characters.

The Objectivos for League of Legend’s Urgot rework is one of the best class reworks in recent memory. It captures the personality of the beloved character and makes it very interesting to play. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to play an Objectivos in League of Legends.

Ranged auto-attacks

While the new Urgot rework brings some interesting changes, it leaves some things to be desired. The first of these is that there are fewer counterplay options for players after using the E shot. In addition, this champion’s ult and passive are fundamentally different from each other. While they offer their own benefits in terms of power and satisfaction, they clash with each other. Ultimately, this means that players may miss out on important opportunities to maximize their unique niche.

This rework also changes the way Urgot kills his targets. Instead of relying on his normal melee attacks, Urgot can now use his tummy pulveriser to eliminate his enemies. This new mechanic will allow players to kill a large number of enemies at once.


The League of Legends Urgot rework has brought a number of new changes to the character. The damage of his W has been boosted, as has the damage dealt by his ultimate. It now deals more damage on-hit and has a lower cooldown. In addition, the reworked Urgot now has zero mana cost, and his attacks are faster. He has also received a buff to his passive, which now sees him taking full damage on the last hit of an enemy.

This change should allow Urgot to be much more effective against teams that rely on tanky and ganking champions. Currently, the champion’s basic attacks cost mana and can only hit one target. A reworked Urgot should be able to throw his knives and hammer away at his enemies, which should give him more power and range. In addition, he can now carry a grenade in his kit, which increases his damage and increases the range of his attacks. Lastly, it will also let him lock onto an enemy and deal even more damage.

Lock on mechanic

The new Lock on mechanic for Urgot is a welcome addition to the League of Legends game. It has been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived. Unlike Yorick, Urgot was never teased or talked about, and many players are eager to get their hands on it. This update is an important one for the character and will make the character more interesting than ever.

Urgot can now lock onto champions and enemies in the vicinity of his attack. The ability is useful in farming or putting down an enemy team. It also allows the champion to cast Purge, which prioritizes locked targets over other enemies.

New ability

One of the biggest changes in the reworked Urgot is the addition of a new signature ultimate. This ability is called the “R Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser”, and it provides a massive boost in power and trading potential. It allows the champion to root an enemy champion and swap places with it, slowing them for a few seconds, and dealing up to 30-50% damage reduction.

Urgot was one of the most hated champions in League of Legends before his rework. The rework injected new life into the champion by re-working his abilities, which make him more useful in the top lane. These changes will allow him to become more competitive in the new meta.