League of Legends Viewing Parties

Whether you’re looking to throw the perfect viewing party for friends and family, or simply want to celebrate a special occasion, there are plenty of options out there. Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, is hosting screenings across the US and Canada, as well as in other territories. Each viewing party will start with a performance of Lil Nas X’s Worlds anthem, and will be filled with celebrity and influencer appearances. Tickets to the screenings are available for purchase at participating venues.


If you’re a fan of League of Legends, you might be wondering whether you can watch the finals live. The game’s World Championship is taking place in Los Angeles on 29 October. Luckily, Coke Esports is sponsoring viewing parties in the US, Canada, and Europe. Attendees can enjoy Thundersticks and Coca-Cola, and they can even get a commemorative cup.

Riot Games and Coca-Cola have partnered on a multi-year partnership. The partnership has been in the making for months. The two companies have partnered to create custom viewing parties and collectible merchandise. In addition, Riot Games recently announced that Coca-Cola will be a global partner for the Wild Rift Esports circuit. The new partnership aims to help Riot Games establish a name for itself in the growing world of mobile esports. Coca-Cola’s global reach is an advantage for Riot Games, since it is a globally-recognised brand.


If you’re a streamer who’s looking to increase your viewership on Twitch, you’ll want to consider hosting a League of Legends viewing party. The video game has exploded in popularity and is a popular choice for live-streaming. A viewing party is a great way to advertise your live streaming event. Whether you want to attract more viewers, or boost your ranking, Twitch offers many features that make streaming easier.

One of the benefits of creating a viewing party on Twitch is that viewers can cheer on their favorite channels and streamers. There are a few restrictions, however. For example, you may only be able to refer to one stream per party. Also, you can’t record the livestream if it violates Twitch’s guidelines. If you do violate these guidelines, Twitch will likely ban you.

Illinois Tech

A viewing party is an event that lets you watch a video game with friends. At an Illinois Tech viewing party, members can watch the 2019 League of Legends Worlds while snacking on breakfast foods and snacks. The Riot Games collegiate club also sends a box of goodies to attendees. Guests can receive stickers, posters, and even a small plaque with the club’s name on it.

Riot Games

Fans of League of Legends and other video games can now watch the game in the theaters in select cities around the world, thanks to the Riot Games viewing party program. The program lets event planners submit events and showcases international events, LCS matches, community videos, and other content. If an event meets the program’s criteria, Riot will contact the organizers and make the event available to the public. The program also offers a search tool for potential viewing parties.

In conjunction with Lexus Partners, Riot Games will be broadcasting the League of Legends World Championship finals in theaters around the world. The finals will take place in San Francisco and will be broadcast to cinemas in North America, South America, and Canada.


The League of Legends championships are coming to Europe! You can see the finals from the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin live at EuropaCorp Cinemas! You can also catch interviews with top players, as well as docu-series and news about e-sports. There are even retransmissions of these events, as well as other content.


In an animated music video, Lil Nas X showcases his new song “Star Walkin,” which features an anime-inspired background. The song’s title and chorus repeat, “You will always be my star.” It’s a fun, pop-infused track that’s sure to keep fans happy.

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