League of Legends Viktor Counter

A Viktor counter is a useful stat that will tell you how many times an enemy champion killed your hero. Counters are calculated using several factors, including overall kills, early lead/comeback ratio, and win percent. The data is based on Plat+ games. The data is updated daily.

Nocturne mid

Viktor is a very good champion in League of Legends, but there are several ways to counter him, including Nocturne. Ashe and Sejuani both stun him easily, and Rakan is a bit unpredictable. However, Nocturne is still the best mid-game champion to counter Viktor because she has a spell shield that blocks Viktor’s stun and can auto-attack him to death. In addition, her ultimate punishes over-extended champions hard. As a result, she beats Viktor 60 percent of the time.

Nocturne’s basic attack deals 120% AD of damage and heals for thirteen to thirty (+ 30% AP) per enemy hit. She can also apply on-hit effects to all enemies with her Umbra Blade. Paranoia also terrorizes all enemy champions for six seconds, and she can repeat the effect multiple times.


Cho’Gath is one of the champions in League of Legends that combines mobility with CC. Its ultimate heal can hit the ground, and after he’s done healing, he gains health. To minimize the chance of Cho’Gath dying, use ranged champions and zoned creeps. Cho’Gath’s CC and mobility make him particularly vulnerable to CC-based champions.

Cho’Gath’s KDA ratio is higher than Viktor’s, which suggests he’s more central to team fighting. However, he tends to take more damage than his fellow champion. Although he has a lower health total, Cho’Gath tends to have longer killing sprees.


When looking for a strong champion to counter Viktor in League of Legends, Anivia’s stats may surprise you. While she may not be as fast as Viktor in the laning phase, she’s better at teamfights and has better burst damage than her opponent. However, her lower win rate and less depth make her a poor counter to Viktor. As a result, her role in the game should be to focus on gold income and destroying objectives.

Anivia is similar to Viktor when it comes to CS accumulation. This is good for a champion who doesn’t need to kill many minion targets. She can also scale well off her abilities and first items. In contrast, champions that need large amounts of CS can often require a lot of items in order to be successful.

Divine Sunderer

Divine Sunderer is a powerful Mythic item that provides health, mana, AD, and Ability Haste. It also has a passive ability called Sheen. This passive increases the damage of a Divine Sunderer’s abilities by 10%. In addition, it reduces the damage the player takes. If you are trying to tank, this item is the best choice. It also provides mana, so you can use it to enhance abilities, which increases the damage you deal.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is a strong melee champion in League of Legends, and its versatility allows you to take advantage of opportunities for teamfights. Often, a teamfight will involve multiple characters, and you can use the support of a Support Champion to help your team achieve the ultimate victory. In this article, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of this champion.

Death’s Dance

In League of Legends, the power of Death’s Dance has become exaggerated due to its popularity and dominance. Riot Games, the developer of the game, frequently reveals the current meta in the game via their popular video series, Meta Meport. In one of the recent episodes, Death’s Dance is highlighted as a pivotal point in the video due to its overwhelming popularity and dominance.

The stats of Viktor and Kha’Zix are very similar in this matchup, but they differ in some aspects. For example, both champions have high KDA ratios and both have high damage-dealing abilities. Viktor’s durability is also high, while Kha’Zix’s is lower.