League of Legends Vladimir Counter Guide

Vladimir is an extremely powerful hero in League of Legends, and he has a number of different types of counters to keep you on your toes. These include Yone, Dr Mundo, Riven, and Dr Mundo. Each type of counter has a different skill set, so the key is to understand which ones are best suited for your play style.


The Yone vs Vladimir Counter in LoL is a game that you should not overlook if you are a Yone player. Despite the similarities between both champions, the main difference is that Yone is less tanky. This difference reflects in the fact that Yone is less agile. However, this does not make Yone less viable as a counter against Vladimir. Yone has similar utility and can still be a good choice in late-game situations.

Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo is the ideal counter to Vladimir. He has the ability to counter Vladimir in early, mid, and late game phases. In addition, he doesn’t take a ton of minion kills. This allows him to scale off his first items to counter Vladimir.


Vladimir is a hard champion to counter in League of Legends. The damage he deals is very high and he is often a safe bet to keep in lane. However, the only way to effectively counter this champion is to play a high tempo champion. These champions can impact the game before Vladimir can scale, making it unwinnable for the opposing team. In addition, a good Vladimir will rarely lose a lane, making him one of the scariest champions in the game.


Vladimir is a powerful champion who uses his health as his main resource. If you play Vladimir correctly, you can become unstoppable. The downside to Vladimir is that he is highly prone to positioning errors, so it’s important to learn how to avoid these mistakes. Once you learn the right positioning, he will become a devastating force in the midlane.


Morellonomicon is an extremely useful item in League of Legends, and many AP champion builds use it as a core item. This item can help you to withstand major crowd control and ultimates while also healing you. In addition, it can be used to target and deal more damage to your enemies.

Bramble Vest

Vladimir is a champion with strong survivability. This makes him a great choice against tanks, AP champions, and ADCs. His Bramble Vest grants him armor, and his auto-attacks also cause Grievous Wounds, which reduce the amount of damage your enemies deal to you. There are several ways to counter the powerful stats of this item.


Vladimir Counter is a monster with high HP and sustain. His elusive nature allows him to zone and kill enemy champions. However, he needs to be played carefully to avoid getting killed.