League of Legends Wiki – Tristana

As a wanderer, Tristana tended to be carefree, but one day, she saw the burning of a bandlewood, a magical gateway that provides a safe haven for yordles. While dozing in the sun, she was startled by the sudden sound of flames. It was then that she realized that the forest was being destroyed by a band of armored marauders, led by a sorcerer wreathed in dark energy.


In League of Legends, Tristana is a legendary yordle. She uses yordle magic in conjunction with her gunner skills. She once lay on her back, leaning her head against her pack, watching a comet that had passed through the sky. Its winking lights glittered through the canopy of leaves. Tristana named the constellations she saw after the patterns she had seen in a book.

Tristana is the protector of the bandlewoods. She has defended the forest from numerous threats, including Valoran treasure hunters. One instance of her bravery involved intervening in a fight between Buhru people and Valoran treasure hunters, who sent them fleeing.

She is the guardian of the bandlewoods

As the guardian of the bandlewood, Tristana is an iconic character in League of Legends. She has protected the Bandle City from numerous threats. She often goes off on her own in the wild to patrol and defend the bandlewoods. She is also known for her fierce defense and will send a Valoran treasure hunter running from her forest.

Tristana’s story began when she was a carefree wanderer. One day, she saw the bandlewood burn. Tristana was dozing in the sunshine when she heard the roaring fires. She then learned that a band of warring marauders were attacking the forest. They were led by a dark sorcerer and were destroying the forest.

Tristana’s ult has many uses, including dealing massive amounts of damage to a large group of enemies or knocking an enemy back hard. This ability is very powerful, but requires accuracy and speed to use effectively. It is a great way to take down an enemy group quickly. It also greatly increases attack speed, making it perfect for short trades and all-ins.

She is a yordle

Tristana is a yordel, a creature who is known for her courage and ambition. In League of Legends, she is a yordle with admirable ambition, having left her homeworld to explore Runeterra in search of epic battles. Taking her trusty cannon Boomer with her, she leaps into battle with unwavering courage.

Tristana is an ADC marksman and has excellent damage and evasion. Although most summoners consider Tristana as a small yordle, her explosive nature and cannon make her one of the most powerful marksmen in the game.

Tristana levels up by summoning four or more multiregion allies. She also gains experience if she damages 4 or more enemies with her Poppy. Similarly, Veigar levels up by destroying four or more landmarks belonging to allies, and Teemo levels up when she plants 15 Poison Puffcaps.

She has become a legend in Bandle City

In her time in Bandle City, Tristana has become a legendary figure. She has inspired many young yordles to follow in her footsteps and protect their city. Tristana learned of Runeterra from stories of great warriors and yordles and decided that she, too, could become a legend. She took up her trusty cannon, Boomer, and leapt into battle with steadfast courage and optimism.

Tristana is the champion of the Bandlewoods, and has fought off numerous threats. In one incident, she intervened between Valoran treasure hunters and local Buhru warriors, sending them scurrying in the opposite direction. In another incident, Tristana helped protect the bandlewoods from a group of Valoran soldiers.

The yordle community has long inhabited the Ruddynip Valley. The majority of yordle society lives in the southeastern part of Valoran. While the yordles were previously nomadic, they settled in the Ruddynip Valley centuries ago. The city itself is a mysterious place, and has a community-based government. Mayor Dennison Jadefellow has recently declared September 21 as the official holiday in Bandle City.