League of Legends Wiki – Yorick

Yorick is the last surviving member of a long-forgotten religious order. With the power to control the dead, he is a dangerous character. His only companions are shrieking spirits and rotting corpses. Whether he’s cursed with the ability to control the dead or blessed with it, Yorick is terrifying.

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Yorick is cursed with power over the dead

Yorick is the last surviving member of a long-forgotten religious order. He is cursed with the power to raise the dead, but must use this power to free the Ruination, which has ravaged the Isles. Yorick’s mission is to rid the world of this curse and free his home.

As a child, Yorick developed an affinity for the dead and could see the spirits of the recently departed. Eventually, he used his special abilities to help guide the souls to the other side. Although this made him a pariah in his village, he was a beloved figure to the dead. He was noticed by the Brethren of the Dusk, a religious order that maintained a sacred pool in the Blessed Isles. These brethren also gave him a shovel and blessed water from the pool.

Yorick can summon a ghostly clone of an allied unit for 10 seconds. This clone gains the same basic stats as the original entity and deals bonus damage when it attacks the target. If the original entity dies, the ghostly clone will consume it and revive it for 10 seconds.

He is accompanied by shrieking spirits

Yorick is the last surviving member of a long-forgotten religious order who possesses the power to summon and control the dead. Trapped on the Shadow Isles, he is accompanied by shrieking spirits and rotting corpses. Yorick’s monstrous powers are truly terrifying.

One of Yorick’s most memorable moves is the use of a shovel. He was accompanied by shrieking spirits when he fights Thresh. They were both summoned from the same place, but Thresh had been there first, and had already prepared a scythe with the energy of mortal souls. Yorick had a strange and mysterious appearance, and Thresh was willing to torture him to earn his gift.

He is blessed with power over the dead

Yorick is a powerful character who is gifted with a special ability that grants him power over the dead. This ability gives him the ability to see the spirits of the recently departed, and it allows him to guide these spirits to the afterlife. While most players see this power as a negative trait, Yorick considers it a blessing. He believes that it allows the souls to have some agency.

Yorick is the last surviving member of a long-forgotten religious order. He is a gifted seer who lives on the Shadow Isles. Yorick’s quest is to free his homeland from the Ruination and stop this curse once and for all. He is also a very somber individual, digging graves for the dead and speaking to their tormented souls.

The Sentinels of Light recently visited Yorick and asked him for help. In return, Yorick gave the Maiden of the Mist, a fetter that contained a piece of Isolde’s soul.