League of Legends Wiki – Zac

This League of Legends wiki is about the champion Zac. He is a zaun amorphous combatant who is a chemtech alchymist. Here is a quick look at his skills and abilities. As the Champion of League of Legends, Zac is a powerful ally in the game. He possesses a range of abilities that allow him to deal significant damage to opponents.

Zac is a zaun amorphous combatant

Zac is a Zaun Amorphous Combatant (ZAC) who was born into the planet of Zaun. He is a hexchem-engineered supersoldier who combines brute strength with limitless flexibility. As a result, Zac is extremely versatile and can easily bounce over obstacles. He can also pound his foes into submission. Although he was created in a weapons lab, he was adopted by a loving family and grew into a ferocious hero.

Zac’s primary attack is a two-handed punch, but he also has a ranged attack which can cause an enemy to get hit multiple times. A zaun amorphous combatant can bounce up to four times and hit multiple targets at once. The first two bounces will cause magic damage and knock the enemy up, while the third bounce will slow them down and cause them to take half damage. During a bounce, Zac gains 75% crowd control reduction, and his let’s bounce ability allows him to deal damage to enemies in an area.

He is a champion in League of Legends

Zac is a champion in League of legends who focuses on damage and movement. He uses a special ability called ‘Bounce’ that allows him to bounce up to four times. These bounces deal magic damage to nearby enemies and knock them up for a short time. They also reduce enemy movement speed by 20%. If an enemy is hit more than once, they take half damage and are not knocked up. In addition, when he uses this ability, he gains 75% crowd control reduction. However, he cannot use Stretching Strike or Elastic Slingshot when he is using bounce.

In recent ranked League of Legends matches, Zac is a popular choice. As of this writing, he has a popularity rate of 5.4% and is banned in only 3% of matches. Zac is most often played in the jungle position, where his win rate is the highest. This position isn’t as popular as other positions, but it is still a great fit for this champion. It also makes him a decent tank, although dealing physical damage is not the main focus of his play style.

He is a chemtech alchymist

In League of Legends, Zac is a chemtech alchimist and a popular hero. He has a long history of helping people, but has also committed a few acts of destruction, including destroying a factory and a crevasse in Sump. As a result, he is often referred to as one of the most dangerous heroes in the game.

Zac was born from a toxic spill that ran through Zaun’s Sump and pooled in an isolated cavern. The chemtech alchymists discovered this and began pumping the substance into vats for experimentation. The resulting chemical mixture was capable of absorbing the dominant emotions of his environment. This made Zac a valuable resource for the people of Zaun, and his newfound power has led to his legendary status.

He is a sentient being

Zac is a sentient being who has the power of empathy. He can understand emotions and recognize the pain and joy of others. He has many abilities, including ganking from a distance. He can also help ally champions during a fight. He also has a special ability called P Cell Division, which grants him a second life. If an enemy destroys all four parts of his P Cell, Zac will die.

A sentient being, Zac was originally found in Zaun. He was a product of a toxic spill that flooded a chemtech seam. This ooze eventually pooled in the sump, forming Zac. Two chemtech alchymists rescued him and taught him right from wrong. He then vowed to rebuild the city of Zaun.

He bounces

Zac bounces is an in-game move that lets him jump and interact with other enemies. The ability allows him to bounce four times, knocking down and slowing enemies in the process. Zac can bounce during the day or night. It also increases his gold gaining abilities.

Zac can bounce up to four times to deal magic damage. It also grants him a 20% to 50% movement speed boost. It also slows down enemies nearby and deals damage to them. This ability can also be used to target the back line or peel for carries.

He can interact with chunks

In League of Legends, Zac can interact with chunks when he is within fifty units of them. The chunks are destroyed by enemy champions when they are hit, and when Zac is within these chunks, he will consume them to gain health. He also gains 20% to 50% bonus movement speed. However, he will not be able to use Stretching Strikes, or his Elastic Slingshot while bouncing.

Another new way for Zac to interact with chunks is to use his body’s abilities. The erupting body will deal magic damage to enemies within the area. It costs 4% of his current Health, has a five-second cooldown, and deals damage to enemies within that area. This ability will also make Zac ghosted for five seconds.

He is an urban legend

In League of Legends, Zac is a character that lives in the caves and tunnels of Zaun, absorbing the emotions of those who inhabit it. Because of this, he has become an urban legend among the people of Zaun. Though he usually helps the poor and weak, he can also cause disturbances and mishaps during difficult times.

Zac possesses the power of sapience, which allows him to feel the emotions of others and act on those feelings. This power led him to retaliate when he saw his parents killed by the men of Takeda. Afterward, he felt guilty and began rebuilding the damage he caused. Later, he began living alone in the sewers.