League of Legends Wukong Rework

The League of Legends Wukong rework has changed the way this legendary hero plays. He’s now weaker against melee and mages. As a result, he’s lost his Stone Skin passive and gotten a buff to health regen. In addition, his Crushing Blow CD has been reduced by 0.5 sec. The cast time also scales with attack speed. There have also been changes to his standard ultimate combo.

Cyclone ult duration dropped from four to two

Wukong’s clones now auto-attack enemies and deal 50% of their own damage. However, their ability to explode and deal magic damage is no longer available. Instead, they stay active for about 2.5 to five seconds, depending on their level. In addition, Wukong’s clones now block skill shots and have a greater strike range. Moreover, their AD ratio was reduced from 0.8 to 0.5.

Wukong’s Cyclone has been changed so that it can be used twice in a row instead of just once. This change also affects the duration of his decoy ability, which mimics his attacks. This change will make Wukong weaker against melee and mages. Another notable change is that his E attack duration has been reduced from four to two seconds, and the damage dealt by this ability is now scaled with his attack speed.

Crushing Blow CD reduced

Crushing Blow is a damage ability in League of Legends that deals massive amounts of damage. It scales with your attack speed and has a CD of 0.5 seconds. However, at higher levels, the damage of this ability is not nearly as high as it was. As a result, this ability is more useful for boosting your jungle camp and extended trades.

Wukong’s Crushing Blow is a physical attack that deals massive amounts of damage and reduces enemy armor. It also uses cleverness to trick foes and leave a decoy behind that deals Magic Damage to enemies near it.

Nimbus Strike AD scaling removed

The new Wukong rework will remove Nimbus Strike’s AD scaling, and also decrease the cooldown of Wukong’s empowered attack. The buff will also increase the damage output of Wukong’s “E” scaling ability from 80 to 120% versus monsters. While the changes are still being tested, they’re likely to be a good match for the current meta.

The rework for Wukong is expected to have a big impact on the way the character plays and shift him toward a british style of champion. This is the last major change to the Wukong, and will help improve the champion’s win rate and performance.

Wukong’s standard ultimate combo

Wukong’s standard ultimate combo in LoL is a powerful two-shot combo that gives him a massive damage boost. The first part of the combo is his knockup from Ox Form, and the second part is his Magic Cudgel. The last part of the combo can be a gap closer that allows him to stay safe from enemies.

When used properly, Wukong’s ultimate will deliver significant damage to targets in the vicinity. It can also be used to clear lane or out poke opponents. It also deals extra damage to minions. Wukong can also use this ability to clear a jungle camp and deal more damage to minions. Finally, it can also be used to slow enemies.

Decoy now mimics Wukong’s attacks and ultimate

Decoy now mimics Wukong, the shaman,’s attacks and ultimates. This is a major change as Decoy’s damage will decrease dramatically. However, its clone duration will be longer and its untargetability is enhanced. It also has an increased attack speed buff and reduced cooldown.

As a vastayan trickster, Wukong uses his strength, agility, and intelligence to confuse his opponents. Originally, Wukong was trained by Master Yi as a student of Wuju and sought to protect his homeland from ruin. With the help of his enchanted staff, Wukong is now the last student of Wuju.

The new version of Decoy also improves Wukong’s engagement and damage output. His ability is more engaging and provides more combo options. Once he casts the ability, he gains bonus attack range and deals Crushing Blows to nearby enemies. Additionally, Wukong’s clones gain bonus attack range. They also attack enemies nearby and deal extra physical damage.