League of Legends Year in Review 2018

The Year In Review 2018 tool allows players to review their rankings for the past year and see which champions they should play in 2019. It also suggests champions you may not have played in 2018, and provides recommendations on which champions you should try to play. The tool can be used to help you improve your game and find the best champion for your style.

Astralis won the World Championship

It has been a long time since a team has won a World Championship. Astralis dominated the group stage and won the title with their flawless play. The victory made them the first team to win three straight majors. They also beat Team Liquid and FaZe Clan in group stage play and beat MIBR in the BLAST Pro Series Istanbul.

Coming into the tournament, Astralis were the favorites, especially with their winning record. They dominated the New Legends Stage, Complexity, Clodu9, and Dust2, only losing to Renegades in overtime in Mirage. Their opponents, Team Liquid, had a good showing, but Astralis were stronger than them on the other maps.

Astralis won the ESL Pro League

In 2018, the Danish team Astralis dominated the ESL Pro League and took home a $1 million prize. The win also earned them the Intel Grand Slam, which is a prize awarded to the team that wins four major tournaments in a row. Before Astralis, the last North American team to complete the Grand Slam was FaZe Clan, but that team fell short in the DreamHack Masters Stockholm finals in September. Astralis then went on to win the Intel Extreme Masters XIII Chicago and the Pro League Season 8 Finals.

In the tournament’s final, Astralis dominated their opponents. This made them the first CS:GO team to win three consecutive majors. They also broke the record of previous champions Fnatic.

Astralis won the Intel Grand Slam

Intel has awarded $1 million to the team that wins the Intel Grand Slam in League of Legends 2018. To qualify for the prize, the team needs to win four out of ten $200,000-or-more ESL tournaments. This year, Astralis won four out of four, completing the Grand Slam.

The Intel Grand Slam is a series of competitions that begin with the IEM Chicago tournament. The winner will earn $1 million, while the other teams will play under different rules. The first season of the Grand Slam featured fifteen tournaments. Astralis won the first season, while Team Liquid finished second.

The team also took home the ESL Pro League Season 8 championship. Team Liquid, meanwhile, finished second and Cloud9 finished third. The highlight reels of both tournaments can be found here. In other notable news, Cloud9 defeated FaZe at the ELEAGUE Major in Boston, where they were the favorites.

Astralis won the IEM Season 13

Astralis’ victory at IEM Season 13 of League of Legends is an impressive feat, and it marks their first major title in the competitive scene. However, the win was not a cakewalk. The team has struggled in recent tournaments, especially as CIS-based teams have stormed the online competitive scene. In the ESL Pro League Season 13 playoffs, FURIA and Gambit Esports both defeated Astralis, which dropped them to fifth and sixth place.

The European team has been in the top spot for some time, but it never seems to be enough. Astralis has been plagued by problems including average map depth, a lack of consistency, and a lack of motivation. That’s why this is such an important event for Astralis. If they want to repeat their success in the ESL Pro League, they need to get their act together. To do that, they need to beat the notorious “group of death.”

Astralis won the ESL One: Belo Horizonte

Astralis came into ECS Season 5 as one of the main favorites. The Swedish team beat Team Liquid in the group stage and FaZe in the semifinals. They then defeated Team Liquid in the finals to win the tournament for the second time in a row. In the finals, Astralis topped Team Liquid 16-1 and took home the $250,000 prize pool.

FaZe Clan won the ESL One: Belo Horizonse event after defeating Mouz. They selected Train, Cache, and Mirage as their maps, while Mouz chose Dust II, which was the decider map leftover from the veto process. However, FaZe won the grand final, as Chris de Jong accidentally team-killed Martin Styk during an anti-eco execute. This resulted in Mouz losing nearly every round.