league of legends zac rework

The League of Legends Zac rework has been one of the most anticipated additions in recent years. This new champion offers some intriguing changes, but some of the biggest ones are the changes to his stats and his cd. These are the main changes you need to know about before purchasing this new champion.

Elastic Slingshot

The Elastic Slingshot in League of Legend’s Zac Rework is a powerful ability that launches Zac into enemies. It increases the range of his engage and allows Zac to roam up to midlaners. This skill can be very useful, especially in late game.

Zac’s gelatinous mass has a number of thematic uses, including the Let’s Bounce (r) ability, which is themed as a giant green bouncy ball. This ability also allows Zac to move while in the air and can be used to activate Unstable Matter.

Stretching Strike

The new ability Stretching Strike will add new options for Zac in League of Legends. This ability will cause the target to receive magic damage and will slow down the first enemy hit for 0.5 seconds. This ability will also give Zac an extra 125 range on his attacks.

This ability is similar to Unstable Matter, but it deals less damage. Zac also now has a healer skill called Cell Division, which will heal 4% of his maximum HP. In addition, Stretching Strike will give him a 4% healing bonus when he hits an enemy.

Base damage

The Base Damage of Zac rework in League of legends was released on April 24, 2018. This rework makes the champion more powerful, and allows you to control the battlefield much more efficiently. As such, you can expect to see more damage from Zac soon.

The Rework gives Zac a new ability called Stretching Strike, which deals magic damage to enemies. Zac has a 20% – 50% movement speed bonus. It also grants Zac the ability to cast Unstable Matter on enemies. The first time he uses this ability, enemies hit by the ability will take 40% less damage, and subsequent hits will deal 50% less damage.

Ultimate’s cd

Aside from the damage it does, Ultimate’s CD also affects the duration of its active abilities. Its effects vary depending on the type of wielder. Ultimate’s active ability creates an icy crystal at its wielder’s location, dealing 160.7% ATK Ice DMG to enemies within 10 meters. The crystal’s duration can be reset by triggering it again. This skill also increases the team’s Ice DMG by 13.7% or 20%, depending on the level of the wielder.

Changes to zac’s kit

Zac’s kit has been updated with several changes. His q ability has been reworked to only damage multiple enemies, and his ultimate ability now offers up to 50 percent movement speed. He now deals 140/210/280 damage on his first bounce, and the damage will decrease by 50 percent for each subsequent bounce on the same target. Additionally, he can now carry enemy champions on his back and has no crowd control effect, which is an important advantage.

The most noticeable change is that Zac now offers more options to control the battlefield. The new design is less restrictive than the old one, and doesn’t scale off as much money as other junglers do. The new kit also doesn’t allow players to deviate from their intended builds. However, some players may prefer the kit as it allows them to control the battlefield more easily.