Lethamyr and La Selva League of Legends Custom Maps


Lethamyr is a well known custom map maker in League of Legends and he has created a wide variety of different maps for the game. One of his most popular maps is Lethamyr’s Rocket League Workshop Map. This map challenges players to fly through hoop after hoop. It is a great way to practice your in-air handling and boosting skills.

Lethamyr’s maps are not just limited to League of Legends, but other games as well. He has collaborated on several games, including Flappy Bird and Fall Guys. One of his recent creations is an innovative map that takes a popular video game and makes it even more immersive. A few of the custom maps created by Lethamyr are:

Modder Deez

In addition to the usual jungle locations, you can also play on some interesting custom maps. For instance, the Gigantes custom map is an island with a dormant volcano and a wide variety of resources. Its creator wanted to create a map where he would never want to leave. As a result, the map has many Easter Eggs, and you’re unlikely to get bored exploring it.


One of the most popular custom maps in the game is “La Selva.” This map features many different animals and multiple settlement options. It also contains a hidden cavern, which is said to have special loot. There are a variety of maps available for download, including some that have been made by SKIROW.

The map is not always available to players, however. Until now, it was possible to have different snowy areas. But the map’s design changed and a lot of players have missed the snowy appearance of the rift. Riot is currently working on solutions to bring back seasonal map themes to the game. Its product lead for loot and events, Ken Adams, gave a Q&A on the matter to the Reddit community.

Lethamyr’s Dribble Challenge

Lethamyr is a legendary creator of Rocket League Workshop Maps. His Dribble Challenge map is a fun and challenging way to improve your dribbling skills. You have to boost the ball through a labyrinth of obstacles while staying in the air. This is a great way to practice different in-air maneuvers, and it will also help you improve your boosting skills.

SKIROW’s La Selva

If you love the jungle, you’ll love SKIROW’s La Selva custom League of Legends map. It’s a massive island filled with animals, multiple settlements, and a secret cavern rumored to contain special loot. This map is a challenging, visually stunning work of art, and will push even the best PCs to their limits.