music of league of legends volume 2

The Music of League of Legends Volume 1 is now out. The first volume is free to download and available on various music services. You can also stream the tracks on YouTube. Songs on the first volume include Pentakill’s “Smite & Ignite” and “Frequencies,” a 40-minute documentary about the process of collaboration. The descriptions for each song include translated versions.

Music of League of Legends – Volume 2

Fans of League of Legends can now enjoy the first volume of their official soundtrack for free, which includes 15 new songs as well as old favorites. The music can be streamed on YouTube or downloaded for free. In addition, the CD contains a forty-minute documentary that highlights the collaboration and process.

Music of League of Legends – Volume 3

Music of League of Legends – Volume 1 is now available, and you can download it for free at various music services or through a YouTube playlist. This compilation includes songs such as Pentakill – Smite & Ignite, and a documentary called Frequencies that highlights the collaborative process. The documentary is a 45-minute long, and there is a translation available in the description.

Music from the League of Legends video game has been featured in various television shows, including the animated series Arcane League of Legends (2021). The music comes from a variety of artists and composers. The music is available in digital format on sites such as Amazon, iTunes, and Apple Music.