Nude Pictures of XJ9’s Ex-Girlfriend on His Facebook Page

There is a lot of controversy surrounding XJ9, Nicolaj “Incarnati0n” Jensen, and the ban he recently received from League of Legends. One of the biggest topics of conversation surrounds Nude pictures of XJ9’s ex-girlfriend that have been published on his Facebook page. While we can’t comment on the content of the photos, we can speculate on what they might mean.


XJ9 has been banned from the popular game League of Legends for a year and a half after admitting he hacked into his girlfriend’s account and posted nude pictures of her on the internet. It’s not clear if the ban is because of the nude pictures or because he hacked her account. While the ban was a setback for his girlfriend, it could help his resume.

The team’s members have also been accused of a history of questionable behavior. XJ9’s teammate “Supa Hot Crew” has been linked to map rigging in StarCraft, and coach Nick “Lastshadow” de Cesare has a checkered past. However, he has since repaired his image in the community and believes he can do the same with XJ9. XJ9 has been banned from many professional teams because of his past behavior, which includes publicly posting graphic images of another player without their consent.

Nicolaj “Incarnati0n” Jensen

Nicolaj “Incarnati0N” Jensen, a former SK Gaming player, has been banned for life from the League of Legends (LoL) competitive scene. While his talents in the game were invaluable, he has been banned from the game for bad sportsmanship, DDOS activities, and other behavior.

The Danish player has been spotted playing XJ9, an elite role in the League of Legends. He has been in the game for over a year. He has played the position of a tank and has been a strong supporter of Luminosity, so he has plenty of experience in the game. He is one of the most aggressive and talented players in the game, and he has proven that he is a top performer on the XJ9 class.

XJ9’s ban from League of Legends

After his ban from League of Legends, XJ9’s girlfriend broke up with him. The reason for this was because he posted nude pictures of her on the Internet. He also hacked her LoL account. A loss of 5 rounds can cost a girlfriend a lot of money.

Riot France banned the player on sight. This made XJ9 the fifth player in history to be ID banned by the game’s administrators. His banned behavior included DDOS activity, inappropriate stream behavior, and poor sportsmanship. XJ9 apologized in Twitch after his ban was announced.

Nude pictures of XJ9’s ex-girlfriend on Facebook

The internet is buzzing with news about XJ9’s ex-girlfiancĂ©’s nude pictures, which he has posted publicly on his Facebook page. The reason XJ9 posted them is because he is jealous of his current girlfriend, Sarah, who has been playing League of Legends as Lee Sin. He claims that this gives her an unfair advantage in battles. XJ9 has since deleted the posts. However, it has not been determined how many of these pictures were actually posted.

In July, the woman reported that her ex-girlfriend had posted nude pictures of herself on Facebook. The woman said that she contacted the police when she found out that her ex had posted the pictures on Facebook and that she had no idea that they were public. She later told the police that her ex had hacked into her Facebook page and Yahoo email account to post the pictures. She claimed that her ex had changed the settings so that she could not remove them.

XJ9’s history with coaches with checkered pasts

Despite his checkered past, “XJ9” is a new coach for Supa Hot Crew, the team that dominated the League of Legends Championship Series last year. He is best known for being a pioneer of the farm heavy style of League of Legends. He was banned from the game two years ago after he was caught hacking his girlfriend’s Facebook account and posting nude pictures. That isn’t a good record, and we don’t want a professional team to hire a person like this.