OGN to Launch League of Legends in the U.S.

While OGN’s viewership was once high, it dropped significantly as game publishers created their own studios. However, the company is still striving to expand the popularity of esports. If successful, it has the potential to launch in the U.S. and bring esports to the mainstream.

OGN’s viewership declined as game publishers created studios

In recent years, Korean cable TV channel OGN has been attracting international teams to compete in e-sports events. Players have the chance to become famous and land professional deals with big companies through these events. The StarCraft League finals in Busan, for instance, drew over 100,000 spectators. OGN is owned by the Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM. According to sources, OGN is in the process of selling assets to a foreign company. The price of the deal is less than 10 billion won, and includes the right to operate the channel. This news is causing speculation within the media industry.

OGN’s goal is to bring esports to the mainstream

OGN’s goal is to promote esports by bringing them to the mainstream through programming, content, and events. They will create original content for North American viewers that will feature game shows, docu-series on esports stars, and virtual reality shows. The network plans to spend up to $100 million creating and broadcasting esports programming.

Over the past decade, esports have slowly crept into the mainstream. Major eSports events are now broadcasted on major television channels and sports teams. Major leagues and tournaments have also been developed to bring esports to a broader audience. In South Korea, for example, eSports is broadcast on national television 24 hours a day. It’s also getting the attention of colleges.

League of Legends has already begun bringing esports to the mainstream with its Spectator Mode. The League of Legends community has already become so large, and this new feature will bring the esports phenomenon even further into the mainstream.

Its potential to launch in the U.S.

The South Korean broadcaster has a long history of producing esports content. This includes the League of Legends (LoL) professional tournaments and esports content. This year, OGN announced plans to expand its esports offerings in the U.S. by producing live events and premium programming. It will also host a new arena in Manhattan Beach, California.

OGN’s plan is to bring esports into the mainstream. Using its extensive production and broadcasting experience, the network plans to create original content for North American audiences. This will include game shows, docu-series on esports stars, and virtual reality shows featuring matches between top American players.

As the largest esports production company, OGN has built a solid track record of live esports competitions. The company has produced more than 500 global leagues and events and has over two billion views of esports programming.

OGN’s studio in Los Angeles is the largest in the western U.S., with over 35,000 square feet of space and room for 500 players and audience seats. The studio is also the first in the country to have a battle royale stage setup. The studio has a long history of producing esports events, with over 100 live audiences.