Root Aphid/Gnat Damage

    Treatment Root aphids and fungus gnats are best removed by breaking their breeding cycle or by wiping out the garden, throwing any unused/used medium away and starting with a clean/sterilized growing space. The breeding cycle can be broken by killing newly hatched aphids every 2-3 days for 2 weeks. Treatment must also include […]


Harlequin: The First High CBD Strain I Experienced Though I no longer have Harlequin (I deliberately let her die), she will always be in my memory as the first high CBD strain I came across. Since then I have come across other strains that veg faster, yield higher and inebriate even less. Harlequin has a […]

SuperCropping 101

Supercropping 101 Explaining Supercropping Quick and Simple Supercropping is the process of carefully crushing the stem of a cannabis branch, so that it can be bent down below the top of the canopy. The nodes below the crush point will grow normally for a few days and everything above the crush point will slow down. […]

24-48hrs of Dark Before Harvest?

Some Growers Say 24-48hrs of Darkness Before Harvest Has a Dramatic Impact on Quality This is a common myth. You can find references to it all over the internet. The mythical benefits include additional trichome production and more potent cannabis. Though it is very common, the information is incorrect. Anyone happen to know where this […]

DIY SuperCropping Tool

Easily SuperCrop The Toughest Branches With This DIY Super Cropping Tool Supercropping, when properly done, can significantly increase yields of cannabis plants. Supercropping big thick, iron hard branches is not as easy as you might think. This DIY supercropping tool gets the job done with ease. Easy to make, easy to use, you’ll be surprised […]

DIY SuperCropping Tool