Patch 6.5 For League of Legends

Patch 6.5 for League of Legends should be live later today or later this week, and contains a variety of new features. These changes include new sounds, reCAPTCHA and Google privacy policies, and an updated privacy notice. You can find out more about the changes below. Below are some of the most notable new features of League of Legends.


As a Hextech player, it’s important to make sure you’re leveling up your combat stats as much as possible. Your goal is to reach level 9 with high health and a decent economy. If you’re having trouble doing this, you can use some itemization and buffs to make your comp more effective. Luden’s Echo and Electrocharge are great early game buffs. The Hextech heart is also very powerful. You should also consider buying Hextech emblems, which provide tempo in the mid-game and make leveling 6 easier.

You should also have plenty of Sivir items, as she’s your main carry. While her itemization is not as flexible as Zeri’s, she’ll still be able to take down her opponents. Her Pulverize spell will also help you control the crowd.


The Debonair in 6.5 League of Legend has a few changes in comparison to the previous version. One of those changes is the introduction of new items. One of the best items for Debonair is the Blood Thirster, which grants indefinite attack range and ignores 25 percent of the target’s armor. In addition, the Debonair now gains an Ability Power bonus from the new trait. In addition, Debonair’s new VIP Talon allows her to deal true damage to enemies. This makes Debonair a solid carry.

The 6.5 update also features new Hextech Augments, which are traits that can change the outcome of games. As a result, the new Debonair will have traits that are based on the current Hexcore online and the futuristic concoctions.


In League of Legends 6.5, the Hecarim received a few changes that affect them. First off, his healing has been reduced to 20% at all ranks. The cooldown has also been increased to 20 seconds. Additionally, the Q damage has been increased to increase his damage output and his W now grants resistances. This should help the Hecarim become a more reliable source of damage during team fights.

The Hecarim were once a part of the Iron Order, a brotherhood sworn to protect the king’s lands. When the Blessed Isles fell into Ruination, the commander of the order saw Hecarim as a potential successor. However, Hecarim’s obsessive hunger for glory made it obvious that he would never be able to lead the order.


The Iceborn warmother, Sejuani, is a powerful champion in League of Legends. As a warmother, she must constantly battle the elements. She must hunt Avarosans, Noxians, and Demacians to survive. When out of combat, she gains Frost Armor and Magic Resist. She can also stun enemies and deal massive magic damage.

This new champion joins the Neon Nights roster, which features 59 League champions. These include new carries Alistar, Renata Glasc, and Morgana, and a returning champion, Ahri. All other League champions remain the same, except for Rammus and Silco, who aren’t auto-battler champions.


As a celestial being, Soraka has to create a physical body in order to experience reality on the mortal plane. To do this, he chose the appearance of an ottrani, a tribe with a single horn. He is a powerful being with access to celestial magics and is capable of healing and predicting the future. His quest is to rescue mortals and make them strong again.

As a sustain champion, Soraka’s passive buff, Starcall, makes him more viable during team fights. It gives him extra movement speed for 4 seconds after hitting an enemy champion, and is transmittable. Soraka can also transfer his Rejuvenation buff to other champions by healing with W or Q. Increasing the scales of W and Q will lengthen the duration of each tick of Rejuvenation.