Pro Female League of Legends Players

Pro female League of Legends players have become an increasingly popular part of the online game community, and some of the top names are KayPea Pelling, MissBaffy, and Triniti “GamerGirl”. These talented individuals represent all types of skill sets and are paving the way for other women to follow in their footsteps. But who are they? Who are their goals? How do they plan to make their mark?

KayPea Pelling

KayPea Pelling is one of the most popular pro female League of Legends players. She has been playing the MOBA game since 2013 and has over seven hundred thousand followers on Twitch. She’s a member of the Red Bull Gaming eSports organization, and has been streaming the game for nearly a year. KayPea’s streams are laid-back and aimed at engaging the audience.

As a League of Legends pro, Pelling has made a name for herself as a live streamer. Currently, she streams her matches on Twitch, where she interacts with fans. She also posts her favorite moments on YouTube. Her live streams are a great way to get to know KayPea Pelling and her team.

Mayumi Nakamura is another one of the top female players on the scene. This Brazilian player has played in the CBLOL league and has also participated in Twitch Rivals tournaments. She has even played a 1v1 match against Faker. She has also played for an all-boys team in the CBLOL league. Another young player who has been playing the game professionally for a few months is Mayumi Nakamura, a young girl from Brazil. She plays support mains and has also transitioned to jungle and top laner.

KayPea Pelling is another female player who regularly streams League of Legends. She is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and has over nine million followers on the site. She plays a variety of champions in the game and is known for her friendly personality. She has won numerous awards for her excellent streaming style and has also collaborated with Yassuo, a professional game streamer.


MissBaffy has been playing League of Legends for over two years and has gained a following on Twitch. She enjoys playing as Lulu and plays the game on a regular basis. Though she has not yet appeared in any Esports event, she streams almost every day on Twitch. She has around 103k followers as of July 2022, which shows how popular she is in the game’s community.

The majority of her streams are game streams where she interacts with her fans and plays with her viewers. Occasionally, she plays ranked solo queue on her stream. She plays AP mages, mid-laners, and support champions and has been playing the game since season five. She also plays other video games on Twitch, so she is familiar with the trends.

She plays a variety of heroes and is a very successful streamer. While she has not made it to the top, she has been instrumental in popularizing the game and inspiring a lot of women to play the game. She has also been an important part of the development of Riot games by collaborating with Yassuo and bringing the game to a global audience.

Another notable female player is KayPea. She has been a popular Twitch streamer for several years. She plays mid-mages, including Ahri, Lux, and Syndra. Her overall rank is around Platinum.

Triniti “GamerGirl”

If you are looking for a female League of Legends streamer, Triniti “GamerGill” is one of the best. This Canadian Twitch streamer is a highly regarded player who specializes in playing Katarina, the blinking assassin. She also excels on Lux and Riven. She is one of the most experienced female players on rift, and she has over 300k followers on Twitch.