Riot Games Announces Ahri ASU For League of Legends

The first ASU champion has not yet been announced by Riot, but a champion is still an ASU, and Riot hasn’t yet talked about it. It’s still too early to tell who it will be, but a number of players are hopeful that it will be someone who stands out and has a long history in the game.

Art and Sustainability Updates

Riot Games has released a new dev post confirming that Ahri will receive an Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) in the coming year. The new update will focus on improving Ahri’s visual aesthetics. The update will also address a number of other issues, such as broken body parts and outdated champion outfits.

Ahri’s ASU is one of the biggest updates for the character. It will improve her model’s art style and make it easier to create skins for her. The update also includes VFX and audio improvements. Players will be able to customize her appearance in a variety of ways, making her even more versatile.

Riot’s new design philosophy

In League of Legends, Riot has redesigned the game’s champions to make them more challenging to play. They aim to make every decision matter, from nuance to timing. Players should be rewarded for their ability to adapt against a wide variety of threats. This new design philosophy also rewards those who are willing to learn less popular champions.

Teamplay is the basis for success in League of Legends. It is the ability to read your teammates’ intentions, give cues, and stay positive during setbacks. It also means always doing what is best for the team. This new design philosophy is aimed at boosting teamwork.

Reworked champions

League of Legends has undergone several reworks over the years. The changes made to champions are often well thought out and find a place in the meta. However, there were a few champions that were not so well thought out, and their reworked versions were less successful.

The rework of Volibear is an excellent example of this. His new kit makes him feel like an aggressive melee duelist, and he’ll be able to stick to his opponents and deliver maximum damage. However, the rework has taken away some of the Udyr’s iconic abilities, including his flip. In a mobility-heavy meta, this is a disadvantage.

The new design of Urgot is an improvement over the original. The 6-legged killing machine is now more aesthetically pleasing, and his abilities are now better suited to the marksman class. Now, he no longer has to worry about being viewed as an ugly champion.


Caitlyn has a special connection with Vi, the character she plays alongside. She feels remorse whenever she fights Jinx because she knows that Vi will be sad. As a result, Caitlyn adds five lines to her voice to tell Vi that she died.

She first appears in League of Legends as one of the earliest champions in the game. When the game first started, Vi was revealed as Caitlyn’s partner in crime-fighting. The game has several interactions between the two characters, as well as lore connecting them. Caitlyn’s voice lines only play during matches with Vi, and some seem to suggest that the two women are more than just friends.

The first ASU champion update for League of Legends will be coming soon, according to Riot Games. The update will be a major change for Caitlyn. Riot has announced that it plans to bring all older champions up to modern standards, fixing their older technical issues and making it easier to get new skins for them.

Ahri’s rework

The Ahri rework in League of Legends will change the look of her champion. The rework is set to be implemented in 2022 and will feature a new model, VFX, and rig. In addition, she will have new basic animations. Ahri’s rework will not affect her gameplay much.

The rework will also make Ahri more mobile and squishier. Her new ability, Essence Theft, will grant her an additional Spirit Rush cast. Other changes include new VFX and new icons for her Ammo Bar. This will help her establish a new identity as a mobile mage and help her survive longer in fights. With this new skill, Ahri can even be considered a sustain mage.

The rework will also add new VFX and SFX for all her skins. The new Spirit Rush will also increase Ahri’s healing ability. In addition, the passive will allow her to sustain longer in the lane.