Riot Games Announces League of Legends 2021 Release Date

In a recent Dev Video, Riot announced a few new champions that will be available in 2021. These champions include an AP damage fighter, a marksman, and an artillery mage. There are a couple more new champions in the works, as well. Read on to learn more about the upcoming additions to League of Legends.

Lunar Beast

On February 4, 2019, League of Legends will release the Lunar Beast Squad. This upcoming event will feature new skins for a variety of characters, including the popular Aphelios and Viego. Additionally, the game will also feature two new chromas for Viego. Both of these new chromas will have gold and white color schemes.

Aphelios, the progeny of the Bull God, worships the god in mysterious ways. His teammates are curious about this, but they don’t know that he is the Bull God’s son. Both Aphelios and his sister Alune will be available as skins for the League of Legends game. These skins will feature a new Aphelios model, diverse chromas, and sound/visual effects.

This skin is available in Chroma Bundles, which provide aesthetic benefits for champs. These are only available when the Lunar Beast is in store and are exclusive to this item. Otherwise, players will be required to buy the corresponding skin separately.

Dissonance of Pentakill

Pentakill, the in-game metal band from League of Legends, has been around for over five years. The band was originally a three-member group, but now has expanded to seven. The new addition is Viego, who will wear the Dissonance of Pentakill skin. The band will release a third album, Lost Chapter, in 2021.

Pentakill is a heavy metal band and their newest member is League of Legends champion Viego. They are working on a new album, which is expected to feature a new song about Viego’s wife Isolde. Riot Games has confirmed that Viego will debut in the band and has unveiled some new splash art and gameplay.

Players can choose from two new skins for their favorite characters. The new Pentakill Viego skin contains new models, textures, VFX, and SFX. This skin is also enhanced with a new recall animation.

Spectral Maw

The Spectral Maw League of Legends’ release date is yet to be confirmed, but fans have already chimed in with their initial impressions. While some fans were disappointed by the visual look of the new champion, others were happy to see a new champion that wasn’t as scary as Mordekaiser. The new champion may also be accompanied by an accompanying skin, although there has been no word on when this will be released.

Viego has been teased by Riot Games for a while now, but it was a surprise when the company finally confirmed the new champion. Riot teased the new champion in their Season 2021 Opening Livestream, and a new cinematic for the champion was revealed that captures the character’s dark theme. Viego is set to be available to players in League patch 11.2 on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Viego The Ruined King is another champion slated for release. The new champion has unique abilities that make him an ideal jungle skirmisher. The champion can temporarily possess opponents and heal a portion of their health, and also gains a free cast of Heartbreaker and bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy champions.

Zenith Games

League of Legends is getting an upgrade with the release of a new skin set by Zenith Games. The new skins will be available for purchase for 1350 RP. The skins will be a fun new take on sports, with a futuristic look.

The skin set includes new skins for Jayce, Lee Sin, and Blitzcrank. These skins feature futuristic-looking champions in steel armor with neon accents. It’s not clear if this is a reinvention of League’s early sport-themed skin line or a completely new style.

The skin set will feature new visual effects, sound effects, and recall animation. This skin set is the first to feature Lee Sin in a new form. The character is shown as a football player and as a parkour competitor, while Lee Sin has a new mixed martial arts-themed outfit.

Viego is part of a new skin line from Zenith Games and Riot. This new skin set is inspired by the sports-themed skins from the World Cup in 2022. In addition, the skins include a new King Viego, which is a version of Viego from before his gloomy mists.