Riot Games Announces Rift Rivals League of Legends

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Riot Games organized the Rift Rivals League of Legends tournaments. These events pitted teams from related regions against one another. The event’s purpose is to bring players together and to encourage teamwork. However, the tournament format is problematic. The tournaments will be held at five different locations, which will be an inconvenience for both the teams and Riot Games.

It will pit regional rivals against each other

In order to create more competitive opportunities for the EU and NA, Riot Games is launching Rift Rivals, a regional showcase series in League of Legends. This competition will pit the best teams from rival regions against each other in order to determine which region is the best. Rift Rivals will be held in five different locations, including Berlin, where the EU and NA will face off.

Riot Games announced that they will be holding more international tournaments for League of Legends. The Rift Rivals series will feature five tournaments involving teams from 13 different regions. This tournament will pit teams from different regions against each other in traditional and casual game modes. There will be no games between teams from the same region, which will encourage fans to support their favorite region.

The format will be slightly different from the FIFA World Cup. Each region will have its own tournament rules. In the finals, European and North American teams will play each other. During the group stage, games will be best-of-one or single-round-robin formats.

It will be a hassle for the teams involved

Some players have expressed displeasure with the Rift Rivals event. For one thing, it will not count towards the Worlds quest. While this is a hassle for the teams involved in the event, it may not be a hassle for the teams that are playing in the East.

The prize pool in Rift Rivals is very small. That means teams aren’t really competing for championship points. Another downside of the event is the fact that teams have to travel eight to nine hours. Unlike in other tournaments, Rift Rivals is held monthly and is not a pro-level competition. There is no big prize pool and no international prestige.

The prize pool for Rift Rivals is very low and the timing is not very good for the teams. The event is held during the summer split, which is not a good time for a League of Legends tournament.

It will be a hassle for Riot Games

The Rift Rivals series was one of the most important tournaments in League of Legends history. It allowed teams from around the world to play each other outside of the World Championship. The competition is sponsored by Mastercard, which signed a multi-year partnership with Riot Games last year.

The competition was a huge hassle for pros. Rift Rivals always took place mid-Summer Split, which meant that most top-tier players were unavailable. In addition, travel logistics were an enormous hassle. As a result, Rift Rivals will have to be canceled.

There is still some uncertainty, however, with regards to the tournament itself. Riot Games has cancelled several Rift Rivals events due to poor viewership and operational costs. However, the events planned for Europe and North America are still going ahead.