Riot Games Updates League of Legends Logo

Riot Games has recently unveiled a new League of Legends logo, which will celebrate the game’s 10-year anniversary. It’s a very simple design that has a vintage feel. However, the new logo has sparked some controversy among players. The new logo is far more simplistic, and there are some who don’t like it.

League of Legends new logo

After 10 years of League of Legends, Riot Games is updating the logo. The updated logo features gold lettering and the game’s name. The redesigned logo is more modern and is less reminiscent of the game’s emblem-like graphic. It also features a more uniform size and shape.

The previous logo’s historic serif type and stone-patterned emblem evoked the high fantasy world of the game. While the new logo has a more modern look, it still invokes the ancient world of warriors. It is also timeless and can work across contexts. This new look is both modern and classic, and will be recognizable across multiple platforms.

The new League of Legends logo was released simultaneously with the game. It uses a stylized serif typeface with curved endings. The designers used the famous International Typeface Corporation’s Friz Quadrata typeface, which was designed by Victor Caruso and Ernst Friz in 1965. Black shadows give the letters a three-dimensional look, and the gradient is dark, creating an illusion of shiny metal.

The new logo will be used on all products and touchpoints associated with the game, including the Riot website. The new look will also be carried over to the company’s employee merch. The new logo was released just ahead of League of Legends’ tenth anniversary. Riot’s 10-year-old-anniversary celebration will include special events and livestreams, which will feature a look into the game’s history and future.

While many fans may be upset about the new logo, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a reflection of the game’s new direction. The company has gone through a lot of controversy over the last year, and a new brand identity should help Riot move forward. After all, Worlds is just around the corner!

The new logo is a reflection of Riot’s vision and strategy. Riot has also incorporated some of the players’ preferences into the design. The players’ feedback was generally positive. The game’s name has become even more popular than it was before. The new logo is more recognizable than the previous one. Its popularity has reached a new record in the gaming world.