Sheen in League of Legends

Sheen is a spell in League of Legends. It is a passive skill and grants you a Spellblade when you initiate a casting time. The cooldown is 1.5 seconds. There are several changes to Sheen in League of Legends. The bonus damage is reduced to zero, the Coooldown is reduced to 10%, and the mana cost has increased from 200 to 250. In addition, the Spellblade passive now lists a 1.5 second cooldown. It is also listed as having a base AD ratio of 100%, which is now a big improvement.

Spellblade passive

The Spellblade passive in Shine League Of Legends is a unique effect that grants the player an extra 5% health and deal a bonus of 10% damage to enemies. The next basic attack you make within 10 seconds will deal 10% damage with a base damage of 125% and a maximum damage of 225%. This effect is not cumulative and only applies to your primary target. As an added bonus, you can also heal your champion for 7% of their health and 50% of their maximum AD. In addition, if the champion you are attacking possesses Awe, they will also grant you 8% of their maximum mana as bonus health.

The Spellblade passive can be a great option for many different builds, including AD carry and bruiser. However, you must equip a Mythic item to be able to use it. For the best performance, however, we recommend going with the Triforce build. This build allows you to unlock the Spellblade passive, which will transform your Zeri into a late game juggernaut.

Visual effects

Visual effects in Sheen are not new in the game, but they are now added to certain League items. For instance, Shaco usually builds the Lich Bane and Essence Reaver with Sheen components. These items add an extra bonus damage to a character’s damage, and they show a glowing visual effect around the user’s hands. This effect is not copied by clones.


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