SSG Skins For League of Legends

League of Legends has a new feature for its mobile game: SSG Skins. As previously mentioned, these skins are made for Samsung Galaxy phones. They were first previewed in March as part of the game’s State of Skins video. Now, the skins are enabled in test servers.

ssg skins

If you love the classic League of Legends champions, you should check out the SSG skins. You can find some really amazing skins that are designed to emulate your favorite characters. The SSG Jarvan IV skin is one of the best-looking SSG skins in the game, and it offers some very appealing changes. However, it doesn’t feel like a special legacy skin, and the colors and visual effects are still just as nice as the Classic ones.

If you don’t like Blue Xayah, you might want to skip it. It looks like a blue Xayah, but it’s not that special. The colour scheme makes it difficult to distinguish it from the classic version. Also, the white ears look like part of the light blue hair, while the blue feathers give it a misty glow. These feathers are part of what gives her abilities.

Legacy skins

In League of Legends, there are many skins available. Some are available to purchase, and others are only available in special events and collections. In order to obtain these rare skins, you have to collect a large amount of fragments. These skins are considered collector’s items, which shows that you have been playing the game for a long time.

These skins are so rare that they cannot always be found at retail stores. You may have to craft the skins yourself, or purchase them through Mystery Gifting. In addition, some skins are only available during certain times of the year.


If you want to get a ssg skin for League of Legends for your character, you’ll need to know how much it costs. Fortunately, the average price is less than $1. The SSG skins for League of Legends come in several different prices. The SSG 08 Ghost Crusader, for instance, costs $0.37 on Steam Market. Its main theme is black and white, with animalistic Zebra stripes painted with the chromatic aberration effect. It’s also relatively cheap compared to other skins available in the game.

Limited editions

In League of Legends, there have been a couple of Limited edition SSG skins released. These skins are available on special dates and cost a limited amount of RP. The Xayah skin is an excellent example. It features romantic details and is available for 1350 RP. It was released to celebrate SSG’s World Championship victory.

These skins can only be obtained through specific events, such as the World Finals. They were also only available for a limited time in the game’s store. There are also skins available as part of the Refer-a-Friend reward program. You may also earn skins by earning achievements or completing tasks.

Special event skins

There are a number of different special event skins for League of Legends. The next big one is the Star Guardian event, which will take place in 2022. This event will offer quests and new skins. There are already teasers to this event, which involves the defense of Valoran City against an evil power.

These skins are usually gold in color and feature unique visual effects. They also have unique methods of collecting. The first skin of this type was the Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa, which was released during Worlds 2018. Since then, Riot has been regularly designing new Prestige Edition skins for different champions.

You can browse the skin database to find any combination you’re interested in. Just type the champion name in the search field and you’ll get the list of all skins that correspond to that champion. The database also lists the price, how to obtain it, and other information. You can even find pictures, videos, and user reviews for each skin. You can even click on the skin to view more information on it.

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