Starfall League of Legends – Akali

In Starfall, we take a look at the life of the Star Guardian Akali. We also explore the new Invasion game mode, the star Guardian skins, and Missions. All of these elements are essential to making the game a success. We also talk about the new abilities that can be used to make the game more interesting.

Star Guardian Akali’s life as a Star Guardian

As a young star guardian, Akali struggles with life as a fledgling Star Guardian in Valoran City. She has to deal with a horrifying abomination known as the Star Nemesis, and a hopelessly one-sided crush on her best friend. To top it off, she’s also thrown into a deadly battle against an infernal enemy.

Despite the many positives of this new role, many players have been critical of the voiceover for Akali. Players have complained that the new voiceover is too soft and lacks the sharp edge that the character’s previous voiceover had. Despite the criticism, Riot has acknowledged that the new voiceover will take some time for players to get used to.

As a Star Guardian, Akali is the protector of the galaxy. She has a limitless curiosity for the world. While she’s new to the team, she enjoys solving mysteries.

Invasion game mode

If you haven’t tried the Invasion game mode yet, you’re in for a treat. The new five-player PvE mode is based on a new event in the Star Guardians universe. Invasion is a game mode that pits one team against another to see who can survive. This game mode features unique Star Guardian skins and icons. It also has unique wards that add variety to the gameplay.

There are six different levels in the Invasion mode. Once you’ve completed each stage, you’ll be rewarded with a flat amount of gold. You’ll also get to experience the climactic boss fight. Each level is divided into three mini-games: Survival, Escape, and Defense. Each of these mini-games challenges you to survive waves of enemies. Each stage is filled with different challenges and rewards, which vary in difficulty.

Star Guardian skins

Currently, League of Legends features six Star Guardian skins, each with its own unique look. These skins are based on the story universe of the game. Each new skin is released along with new content. In addition, all six characters have new abilities. These skins make it possible to customize your character to fit your personal style.

As part of the new “Star Guardian” event, players can purchase skins for all of the Star Guardian characters. In addition to new skins, players can also purchase cosmetic items such as summoner icons and chromas to customize their heroes. All of the proceeds from the cosmetics will benefit the Riot Games Social Impact fund.


Starfall League of Legends missions are a great way to earn free content. This event runs from July 14 to August 15 and includes new skins, drops, and lore. The missions are available for free or for a small amount of RP. But remember that you’ll need to grind a bit to get them.

There are five new areas in Starfall, based on the themes of life and fire. Each of these areas will require you to defeat a certain amount of monsters in a set amount of time. As a reward, players will be rewarded with summoner icons. You can find this information by visiting the “Achievements” tab in your legacy client profile.

Merch options

For those who are eager to show off their favorite character in League of Legends, you’ll be glad to know that Riot Games has released a wide variety of Starfall League of Legends merch. The selection includes clothing, collectibles, and mini-figures. For instance, you can get the Ahri mini-figure, but be aware that this item will only be available for a limited period of time.