The Fastest Way to Level Up in League of Legends 2019

One of the fastest ways to level up in League of Legends 2019 is by taking advantage of the daily win bonus. This reward system adds 400XP and 50 BE every time you win, which can help you level up faster. You can unlock this reward when you reach level 15 and it rewards you for playing the League everyday. Also, if you’re a new summoner, this bonus can help you upgrade your champion collection, which is another great way to speed up your leveling.

Boosting your account

You may be wondering how you can boost your account in League of Legends 2019 and how it can save you time. There are two main methods: buying a boost or playing more games. If you want to level up faster, buying a boost is the fastest way to do it. Boosting your account costs a small fee, which can save you hundreds of hours of grinding.

You can buy a boosting service from different companies in the game. If you use a legit service, you can be rest assured that you’ll get quality results, and that you’ll get a higher rank in the process. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of these sites, check their reviews. Many have received good reviews, and their prices are competitive.

You should take it easy at first. The first few levels can be very boring, so it’s important to take your time. Once you hit level 30 in the game, you’ll find that it’s more interesting. You’ll need to accumulate 37,392 XP to reach level 30, and this can be done by playing games every day. However, you’ll need to play at least six games a day to earn enough experience to be ranked.


Botgames are a great way to level up quickly in League of Legends, but they’re not without disadvantages. They’ll give you less experience than normal games and can be boring to play. But they will speed up the leveling process, which takes over 150 hours of playtime on average.

The main reason for botgames is that they give you more Account XP. This will help you level up faster by winning matches. You can also maximize your EXP by using a champion with high attack speed and damage. You can also use lethal tempo runes to increase your leveling speed.

Botgames are a great way to level up, especially if you’re playing a beginner champion. These champions usually have fast attack speed and auto-attack damage, which can get them through the levels quickly. A champion with Lethal Tempo and Demolish mastery can push a wave of towers and finish a game fast.

Per-win EXP boost

A Per-win EXP boost is a way to gain extra experience from winning matches. Players can buy this boost with Riot Points, which are real-world currency. Some of these boosts provide double base EXP, while others provide a temporary increase in XP earned in matches. For example, a Duration Boost can grant you double base EXP for a certain period of time. In addition, a Win Boost will add 210 extra XP to every game that you win, but it will expire after a specific number of wins.

One of the quickest ways to level up in League of Legends is by logging in every day and completing a daily mission. After completing these missions, you will earn 400 XP and 50 BE. You can unlock these missions once you reach a certain level. This reward system was implemented by Riot Games to thank new players for playing daily and regularly on the game. Furthermore, you can upgrade your champion collection by logging in on consecutive days.

Another method of fast leveling in League of Legends is to join beginner bot games. Use champions with auto-attack damage and fast attack speed. These champions can finish these games within a short amount of time. They are also ideal for pushing waves and towers.

Twisted Treeline

If you’re a jungler, you know that the Twisted Treeline is a great way to level up fast. As long as your team has 7 turrets – 2 inner, 2 outer – and one nexus turret, you’ll be leveled in no time. The first step in Twisted Treeline is to clear camps to gain experience. Once you clear a camp, you’ll level up and receive a Vilemaw emote.

The Twisted Treeline map started as a custom game mode when League of Legends first released in 2009. In 2010 it became a permanent mode. The map was very popular and allowed players to experience champions in different ways. In addition, the map was much smaller than Summoner’s Rift, so it’s easier for players to level up quickly. It also had higher kill scores, and the level curve was accelerated.

Before Twisted Treeline, there were more maps to choose from. Besides the normal Twisted Treeline, there were two lane maps in the game. In addition to this, the Twisted Treeline map had fewer players, so the games were shorter. Due to the limited player population, Twisted Treeline was also filled with leveling bots. There was also almost no matchmaking in Twisted Treeline games.