The Most Expensive League of Legends Skin

When it comes to League of Legends skins, there are many options for you to choose from. Some of the most popular skins include Lux, Human Ryze, and the AK-47 Fire Serpent. If you want to have the latest and greatest, you can also opt for a limited-edition skin – it’s definitely worth the money!


The Luxe League of Legends skin has a sleek design that is similar to the Sailor Moon skin. It also has a new recall animation and pink hair. It costs 1350 RP. Players will find the new Lux skin to be very attractive. The new skin is also available as a set with a Sorceress skin, and will cost you 750 RP.

There are several ways to customize your skin and improve your appearance in the game. There are several League of Legends skins that can make you stand out from the rest. Those who want to be different from the rest should consider purchasing one of the Luxe League of Legends skins. These skins are a great way to change up your look and show off your new gear.

Human Ryze

The Human Ryze skin is one of the most expensive League of Legends skins to obtain. It costs 1820 RP. This skin includes a futuristic headpiece, a sleek bodysuit, and a cape. It also has a purple and silver colored crossbow and wrist bow launchers. It is one of the most popular LOL skins.

This skin was given to gamers who pre-ordered League of Legends in 2011. Although it was given out for free, it has become very rare and expensive. It can be purchased on the secondary market for as much as $180. However, if you don’t want to shell out that much money, you can consider buying the Young Ryze skin.

AK-47 Fire Serpent

The AK-47 is one of the most popular weapons in the game. The rifle doesn’t cost a lot, but it’s highly sought-after for its high rate of fire and ability to kill opponents with just a headshot. As a result, AK-47 skins can be expensive, and it can be difficult to get a good skin without spending a lot of money.

AK-47 Fire Serpent skins aren’t cheap. The average price of an AK-47 skin is $200, but you can find skins for as much as $8k. The price varies depending on the quality of the skin, but you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for a higher-quality skin.


One of the most expensive league of legends skins is the AK-47, a very popular rifle. These skins have unique designs and come in different colors. You can purchase them to customize your weapon, or you can sell them and earn monetary compensation. You can also use the money to buy more skins. However, it is necessary to find a legitimate seller.

A gold-skinned AK-47 is a rare item that costs around $1,600. However, the most expensive skin is the Fire Serpent AK-47, which features a fire serpent motif. This skin was released in 2014 as part of the Bravo Collection. Another rare skin is the StatTrak(tm) M4A4 Howl Factory New skin, which sells for around $8000 USD.


In League of Legends, skins are valued on a number of different levels, including their rarity and quality. Those in the OG League of Legends community will remember that the Riven skin was one of the most sought-after in its heyday. It routinely sold for over $400 after the World Championship event, but it has since fallen in price and is no longer worth that much.

There are many factors that can contribute to skin value, including the type of pattern, the amount of wear, and the skin’s uniqueness. For example, the new Wild Lotus skin is a great example of a skin with a high demand. It is a skin that is limited in supply, and it’s extremely beautiful. Its value is estimated to be over $600,000 USD if it’s factory-new.


The Riven skin has a high price tag. When it was first introduced, it was a gift for players who attended the World Championship event. It quickly became one of the most sought-after skins, selling for more than $400. However, the price has since dropped to more reasonable levels.

Originally, Riven was designed to look like a standard champion, but Riot decided to make the skin look like a Championship. Riot has been releasing new Championship skins every year since then.

Silver Kayle

If you’re looking for a top-tier League of Legends skin, Silver Kayle is worth checking out. Its design is a straightforward re-texture of the Judicator skin, but it does use an attractive colour palette – silver and blue. This makes Silver Kayle a great choice for collectors, as it is aesthetically pleasing and comes with good quality.

Although the Silver Kayle skin is not as rare as the others, it does come with a hefty price tag. On average, it costs $300. It is available in a limited collector’s edition with three other skins. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get the skin, you could try selling your account for $80.