The Tank Meta in League of Legends

The tank meta in League of Legends has a few different variations. For example, Orianna is one of the best tank builds, but the Malphite mid is another option. If you prefer a more defensive tank, try Cho’Gath, or Dr. Mundo. Each build has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Orianna has long been a top mid lane pick in League of Legends. Her high-impact ult and versatility have made her a popular choice for many metas, but the question remains: how can Orianna best serve you in your current meta? There are several factors to consider before making a decision.

Malphite mid

Malphite is a solid Solo-Queue Top Laner and one of the best champions for neutral objective control. He also has a powerful Ultimate which greatly reduces enemy attack speed. He’s also very durable and wants to be with his team at all times. However, he doesn’t do very well in 1v1 situations.


Cho’Gath is a very solid tank character in the League of Legends meta, but he’s not necessarily the best choice in all matchups. While he’s not the best choice for every matchup, he can often win the laning phase. For the early game, you should focus on taking down turret plating, which will give him the advantage of damage over time. Although Cho’Gath doesn’t have any built-in mechanics to destroy structures, he can take advantage of his Demolish ability to increase damage against structures.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is a tank hero who can be used to harass opponents. Her unique ability, Blunt Force Trauma, can be activated to deal additional physical damage. This special ability can be used on both minion and enemy champions. This ability is very useful for harassing matchups.

Xin Zhao

If you’re looking for the best Xin Zhao build, you’ve come to the right place. This build is simple and effective, with just a few combos that can help you gain a big edge. Among these is a phase rush, which gives you a massive burst of movement speed after striking an enemy three times. This effect is invaluable in kiting, running away, and chasing targets.

Xin Zhao’s Ultimate Ability

Xin Zhao is a very versatile tank. He can engage enemies from a long distance, CC them for a long time, and gank against targets without Flash. In addition, his Ultimate ability allows him to knock back all enemies and prevent projectiles from hitting him. However, his ultimate requires him to be in close proximity to deal damage.


In League of Legends, there are several builds to be successful. There are certain items to invest in and other strategies to follow to ensure your victory. Here is a look at a few of them.


Among the tank meta heroes, Morgana has many great choices for her ultimate. First, she has access to a ton of damage-dealing abilities. For instance, her ability Tormented Shadow can significantly enhance her damage output and give her an advantage in lane and mid-game teamfights. Secondly, she has a lot of cooldown-reduction buffs, such as Manaflow Band.