Tibbers League of Legends – The Best Friend of Annie

Tibbers is a pyrokinetic minion and is the best friend of Annie. She can sense when an enemy is near death and is an excellent companion for Annie. This article will discuss the benefits of Tibbers, including how she stacks with other abilities.

Tibbers is a pyrokinetic minion

Tibbers is a pyrokinematic minion that is a part of Annie’s ultimate attack. It deals huge magic damage in a wide area of effect, and prioritizes enemy champions. As a minion, it has a variety of targeting options, and the ability to proc on-spell effects.

She is Annie’s best friend

Annie is the best friend of Tibbers in League of Legends. She has been her best friend for a very long time. She has many powers, including the ability to summon demon Tybaulk. Annie first demonstrated her power when someone tried to harm Tibbers.

She can feel when enemies are close to death

The cooldown of Summon Tibbers is short, so a League of Legends player can use this ability often. When used properly, this League of Legends player can feel when enemies near death and finish them off with one of her powerful spells. However, if you use it improperly, your opponents can take advantage of it and deal free damage to you.

She is a teddy bear

The Tibbers League of Legends stuffed bear is an excellent companion for Annie, a young mage. As the daughter of two powerful magic users, Annie was born with a super-natural connection to arcane energy. When she was just two, she enchanted a shadow-bear, which she calls Tibbers. She keeps Tibbers as a teddy bear, but keeps him off the Fields of Justice. The stuffed bear will also attack and burn enemies in its area.

She is a child mage

In League of Legends, Tibbers is a powerful child mage. She has a red hair and wears an infant gothic costume. She also has a horned tiara on her head. She has a playful nature and a reckless streak. She deems her pet Tibbers her best friend. If anyone attacks her, she animates Tibbers to fight them.

She has a slashing attack

Tibbers League of Legends has an attack that is very effective when it comes to dealing damage to opponents. His slashing attack has a high damage output, and is a powerful tool for killing champions with his massive burst damage. Unlike other champions, he has high damage per second, and is quite strong against tank champions. This makes him an ideal pick if you want to engage enemies and deal heavy damage.

She has a stun combo

Tibbers is a very powerful League of Legends champion and Annie is a great champion to use with Tibbers. Annie’s E provides bonus movement speed and magic resist, while her Molten Shield burns the enemies around it and deals damage. She can also cast her blazing cone of fire to stun the enemy and shield Annie. The enemy champions that attack her shield take damage and she will automatically attack the enemies that come close to her. Annie’s R summons her pet Tibbers, which auto-attacks enemy champions. You can control Tibbers with the R button or by pressing ALT+Right-click.

She is a pyromancy minion

As the bear of Annie, the League of Legends pyromancy Minion Tibbers deals significant magic damage to nearby enemies. This unit also has high armor, health, and magic resistance. It can be controlled and summoned in a wide radius.