Ursine League of Legends Heroes Guide

The Volibear is a legendary creature who is capable of calling down thunder and lightning. Few other beings can match his powers. He represents lightning, storms, and war, and feeds on the worship of his followers. This ancient deity believes that weak civilizations will inevitably collapse.


The Volibear in Ursine is a tanky ursine with a grumpy demeanor. It has the ability to fire lightning and deals a great deal of damage, and it is also effective at ganking. However, this tanky ursine is susceptible to kiting and slowed by some champions.

The Ursine were the most savage and animalistic of Volibear’s followers. Despite their fierce and intimidating nature, they refused to arm Volibear’s warriors. After Volibear’s followers fought the Three Sisters, the gods retreated into legend, and the three sisters took Ursine’s place in history.

Volibear’s basic attacks deal magic damage and grant him attack speed. They also apply on-hit effects to nearby enemies. When they hit a target, they deal bonus damage and slow the enemy for 3 seconds. The Volibear also has a unique ability called Majestic Roar. This ability deals 60 magic damage to enemies in the vicinity and slows them down for three seconds.


Anivia is a magical being who represents the cycle of life and death. She is often depicted with iridescent wings that are framed by polished metal. Her aura is dark and threatening, but she still manages to appear friendly and innocent. Her voice-over is also new, reflecting both her benign and malevolent intent. In Ursine League of Legends, Anivia plays an important role in the player’s journey through the game.

Anivia is a demi-god from the northern region of Valoran, and represents the cycle of life and death. She was born from the frosty Freljord, where many lives are lost every year. She uses her power to fight those who would harm the Freljord. Over the years, Anivia and the other demigods drifted apart, but they were never at odds with each other.


Sejuani is the Warmother of the Winter’s Claw tribe, one of the most feared tribes in the Freljord. Her people must constantly battle the elements, and often raid the other tribes. From her saddle atop a druvask boar, Bristle, Sejuani leads dangerous attacks, wielding the True Ice flail to freeze opponents.

When Sejuani leveled up, she acquired the Frostbite ability, which makes her an extremely powerful defensive and offensive force. It also allows her to use her Overwhelm damage to deal massive damage to enemy units. Frostbite also allows her to attack the enemy’s Nexus, making her a great choice in many situations.

At the end of the story, Sejuani meets an old blind man who comes from the Freljordian tribe. This blind man is actually a descendant of a clan that resisted Sejuani’s leadership. This resulted in a raid on Kriek’s clan, and his warriors were led by Urkath. The two Ursine factions then drive Urkath off the mountain, and Sejuani is left to defend the Freljord.

Ruthless Raider

The Ruthless Raider is a two-drop champion that can be useful in the early game, especially if your team uses the Overwhelm keyword. It’s good against extended play as well. And if you’re in need of an aggressive unit, Ruthless Raider’s upgrade will be able to help.

Ember Maiden

The new champion Ember Maiden has been revealed, and she has several advantages over other heroes in the game. She is a six-mana champion who is good against extended play. Her special ability, Frostbite, gives enemies Frost-damage and overwhelm, while her allies get +4/+4. She is also associated with the Fury of the North.