Voice of Annie in League of Legends

Known for her role as Annie in League of Legends, Zathong has shared some of Annie’s voice lines in the video game. Her character is a very strong character in the game, and the right voice can be a vital part of her overall game play. Zathong is a talented actress, and she has many talents. She has a strong presence and a powerful voice.

Cristina Milizia

As the voice of the iconic Annie, Cristina Milizia has a diverse and enviable resume. Originally from Oakland, California, she began her voiceover career at an early age. Her parents are both professional singers, and Cristina spent most of her childhood in recording studios. As a result, she was often singled out by engineers for various projects. In fact, it was an accident that she landed her first voiceover job at The Learning Company. She auditioned for the part of her mother, and was hired.

Milizia also works as an actress in Spanish and English voiceovers. Her voiceover work has included the voices of several iconic children’s television characters, including the characters from the League of Legends and the Doc McStuffins series. She has also performed as the mascot of The Laughing Cow and has voiced several other characters from the comics and other media.

J. S. Gilbert

The voice of Annie in League of Legends is a familiar one. Gilbert has done several other League characters, including Dr. Mundo and Old Fiddlesticks. While Gilbert was previously known for his wacky voices, he has now transitioned into a more serious role. Several of his characters have undergone a number of voice changes, though, with a few of them being recast in subsequent appearances.

After seeing Arcane in League of Legends, Porter Robinson became interested in the character. He approached Riot to collaborate on the game, and they agreed to do so. The result was a song titled “Everything Goes On” that was recorded for the 2022 Star Guardian event. Other voice actors who contributed to the game include Marli Bortoletto and Leticia Bortoletto.

Erik Braa

Erik Braa is an American voice actor best known for his roles in video games. He has lent his dulcet baritone voice to a variety of characters, including Jax and Draven. He is also known for his work on The Walking Dead: 400 Days and World of Warcraft: Legion. His latest role is that of Annie in the popular fantasy role-playing game.

Other League of Legends voice actors include Laura Dawn Bailey, who was born on 28th May 1981 in Biloxi, Mississippi. She studied theatre at the Quad C Theatre program at Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas. She has a background in acting and is known to have gotten her start with the help of actor Kent Williams. She has voiced several other films, including Blue Gender, Gunslinger Girl Volume 3 DVD I, and Kodocho.


If you’re looking for a new voice for Annie in League of Legends, then you’ve come to the right place. Zathong shares some of Annie’s lines in the video game. He also has some voice acting experience and has voiced a few other League of Legends characters.