When Does League of Legends Preseason Start?

If you’re wondering when does League of Legends preseason start, there are a few important details you should know. Riot is planning a variety of changes for the game, including a new pinging system and ping wheel, tweaking old items, and introducing new ones. They’re also nerfing some champions, including bot lane champions and AD carries. There are also some changes coming to the jungle and mid lanes, including the nerfing of XP for top laners and a 95 percent XP multiplier for jungle champions.

Chemtech Drake is back with a number of new buffs and an all-new soul

The Chemtech Drake is back with an all-new soul and a number of new buffs for the preseason, which will start on July 16. The new soul does not bring you back as a zombie, but it will boost damage and heal your characters when you’re low on health. Riot Phroxzon didn’t specify the number of points the soul can reduce damage by, but it’s safe to assume that the buff is around five percent.

Chemtech Drake has also undergone a number of changes to improve its effectiveness as a jungle pet. Now, it can grant extra tenacity and heal, which are both valuable for a jungler. Moreover, it’s now easier for Chemtechs to attack enemies when their health is below a certain threshold. It has been given new abilities to be more effective against crowd control compositions and will now be more versatile.

The Chemtech Drake has also changed the environmental effects of his items. Blast Cones will now blast champions twice as far as they used to. Honey Fruits will no longer slow champions, and Scryer’s Bloom will increase movement speed to a certain point when enemies are revealed. Despite its changes, some experts are unsure about what to expect from Chemtech Drake in the coming preseason.

Aurelion Sol and Dark Sun are in development

Two new characters for League of Legends are in the works, and both are expected to be released soon. Both have been in development for a while and will feature a new R ability. The R ability for Aurelion Sol is slated to be new and will have a stronger focus on Star Forge. This is a big change, and Riot has invited players to test out the changes.

Dark Sun is a new character, which is also in development for the preseason. It’s not yet known what the final design of the character will look like, but some players are disappointed at Riot’s decision to postpone the release of the new hero. However, the reworked Aurelion Sol and Dark Sun will still be a huge improvement for the game.

Dark Sun is a tanky AP character with passive threat. It also features a new Q ability that can redirect starfire in the opposite direction. This is great for Aurelion Sol, since he can also body-block with Center of the Universe.

K’Sante is back with a number of new buffs and an all-new soul

K’Sante has returned to League of Legends with a number of new abilities and buffs. He now has a new ultimate that changes his weapons and enables him to hit enemies from two positions. His weapons, called tonfas, are larger and heavier than before. When used correctly, they can knock back an enemy champion and deal massive damage. K’Sante’s weapons can also be used to redirect the momentum of an enemy’s strike. His weapons are also more powerful than before and can create a small shockwave.

Although K’Sante doesn’t possess any magical powers, he’s still a strong champion, with a history of self-inflicted pressure. He dreams of becoming the best monster hunter in Nazumah, and is driven by that ambition. K’Sante is fiercely proud, but his pride can also hurt his family members.

One of the biggest changes to K’Sante for the preseason is that he’s now able to transition between a tank and a fighter, opening up more skill expression. He’s also getting a new Prestige skin, and Riot has partnered with Lil Nas X to make an exclusive cosmetic for K’Sante. While this means a number of buffs for the champion, he’s not without some nerfs, too.

Aurelion Sol is a jungle pet

Aurelion Sol is an arrogant celestial being who is intent on destroying Runeterra. He is impatient and dismissive of the Aspects, who are his opponents. He’s bitter about his imprisonment and only cares about the stars that he has created. He can access the celestial realm at will, and can take on any form that suits his fancy, except for a human form. Despite being an immortal, Aurelion Sol is restricted by the crown on his head. This makes him very useful as a tank, as he can stay close to enemies and deal damage with his stars.

Aurelion Sol is an excellent mid lane mage. While he’s not the strongest champion early on, he can push the minion wave. The Celestial Expansion lets him roam the map at early levels, so he’s not a one-man show. In addition to roaming, Aurelion Sol has Comet of Legend, which he can combo with Starsurge for even more damage and a longer stun effect.