Who Was Jax Before Joining League of Legends?

If you’ve ever wondered what Jax was like before he joined League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. The soldier-for-hire possessed a knack for using damage and tank items. He also has a burst speed spell. Here, you’ll learn more about his background and how he came to be the legendary character we know today.

Jax was a soldier-for-hire

Jax, the Grandmaster of Arms, is one of the most mysterious warriors in the game. He has mysterious powers and is the last weapon master of Icathia. He vowed to protect Kohari after the latter unleashed Void, which poses great danger to the world.

Jax is a very versatile champion and excels at dealing both physical and magic damage. He can work with a wide variety of item builds and is difficult to defensively counter. His itemization options are quite varied, from armor to magic resists, giving him a mix of damage and tankiness. Jax has excellent scaling, allowing him to transition into the mid-game with little effort.

He uses damage and tank items

Jax is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends, particularly in the late game. With his split push ability, he can easily push a tower and stun his opponent’s backline. However, Jax’s main strength lies in his dueling ability. Even though his primary role is to deal damage, Jax can also serve as an offtank, providing that you know where to place your items.

When it comes to items, Jax can use damage and tank items before joining the team. He should also run the armor seal to reduce incoming damage. Aside from this, he can also run glyphs for magic resistance and Ability Power per level. In addition, he has good AP ratios, so he can safely run Quintessences for attack damage and movement speed.

He is a defensive stance

The self-proclaimed Grandmaster of Arms, Jax is a mysterious warrior and sometime mercenary who is skilled at using nearly every weapon. Although he prefers to use mundane implements, his skills are still impressive. He is capable of leaping onto monsters and allied champions, and can even use a leaping skill to land on Blast Cones and Scryer’s Blooms. When he is attacking, Jax gains 2 stacks of Relentless Assault. This ability deals 65/105/185/225 (+60%) physical damage.

Jax has a high chance of causing damage to enemies, especially if he gets too close to them. This makes it difficult to engage Jax in prolonged fights. However, Jax has great 1v1 potential and can push towers in quick succession. When you do push, it is important to keep an eye on your team, as the enemy backline can be vulnerable to Jax’s damage.

He uses a burst speed spell

Before joining League of Legends, Jax used a burst speed spell in the game. This spell gave him a huge boost of speed. His burst speed spell can be used as a way to deal damage and avoid getting hit by opponents. Now that the game has a new expansion, you can test out the new champions.

Jax has a strong auto-attack and is very effective in the top lane. This makes him an excellent choice for lane fights. However, he cannot fight ADCs, and his stun does not work immediately. This makes Jax very reliant on auto-attack-heavy champions.

He is not a viable support laner

If you’re looking for a support laner, Jax is not the one for you. While he’s a solid one versus one champion, he’s limited by his lack of auto-attack, silence, and instant stun. As a support, Jax is best suited to top lane, but there are some champions that can bully him early on. Also, Jax’s stun is not an instant effect, which means he requires a lot of farming to become effective.

Jax’s passive gives him extra magic damage on every third attack. Combine this with his regenerating ability, E, and W to deal extra damage. But be careful with your mana. Using these three spells in one combo will leave you vulnerable to attacks if you don’t have enough mana. Jax also needs to be aware of his timing in order to use his E effectively. He can also move some champions into his own turret, but be careful about diving tank champions.

He has a powerful ultimate

Jax is a great champion to play in late game, but it’s best to avoid using him too early on. He is best used in the later game, when he can easily dive into team fights and tear through enemy champions. But if you want to use him early on, you need to consider his team and its composition.

Jax has an excellent passive ability that allows him to deal more damage. Every third time Jax uses his basic attack, he deals an additional amount of magic damage to his target. This passive is useful for ensuring that Jax kills enemies as quickly as possible. Moreover, if he uses his ultimate right before a combo, he will gain extra armor and Magic Resist for a short period of time.