Who’s at the Top of the League of Legends Tier List for 7.11?

If you’re wondering who’s at the top of the League of Legends tier list for 7.11, then you’ve come to the right place. Xayah has topped the list for her jungle role, while Xin Zhao and Lee Sin remain junglers. Let’s take a look at what has changed for these champions.

Xayah tops league of legends tier list

Xayah has finally made it to the top of the League of Legends Tier list! Despite her very risky build, she is still one of the most powerful characters on the game. Her speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades give her a unique combination of skills. She is a vastayan revolutionary, and fights alongside her lover Rakan.

Xin Zhao is still a jungler

With the recent AP rework, Xin Zhao rocketed up the Jungle Tier List. With a new ability called Mark of Destiny, Xin Zhao has become a much more reliable option for ganking. Xin Zhao also offers a mix of build paths. While his main build is a tanky tank with the Frostfire Gauntlet Mythic, his other build uses Hail of Brades for synergy. This has helped Xin Zhao rise in play rate since patch 11.6.

A jungler’s role is one of the most crucial in the game. They are able to control the map, set up plays, and gank. The new tier list emphasizes these abilities and makes it easier for players to determine the best Jungler for each match. In addition, the list also highlights the best Junglers of each elos and patch.

Lee Sin is still a jungler

There is a debate on whether Lee Sin is still a viable jungler. Most pro players want junglers who can gank, so they rarely play farm-heavy junglers. On the other hand, Lee Sin is still a solid choice in Solo Queue, and he’s a dangerous jungler when played correctly.

Lee Sin has a great early game, which makes him an excellent gank monster. His mobile champions like Sonic Wave and Safeguard allow him to dash and gank. This allows him to build insane combos.

Leona is a tank

As a tank, Leona has a lot of potential. She has decent scaling across her main stats, including health, so she can sustain damage longer than most other heroes. Furthermore, her key ability, W – Eclipse, grants her team 50% damage reduction and bonus armor and magic resist for three seconds. If you play this tank correctly, you can expect her to help your team win more games.

To top it off, Leona is easy to understand and is quite versatile. Her controles allow her to be opportunistic with her attacks, which make her an excellent choice against poke champions. Additionally, she can dictate the line when fighting, which allows her to protect her ADC when reacting to situations.

Xin Zhao is a mage-assassin

The Xin Zhao champion is a good option for junglers, despite its low damage output. The mage-assassin’s UI is easy to understand and easy to play. She can be played quickly with little skill investment, making her a great addition to any team. Despite her low damage output, Xin Zhao is incredibly aggressive and effective at clearing out camps. Despite this, she is difficult to hold in a duel and gank. She is very good in the jungle and can be hyper-effective at that position. She also has limited mechanique, making her an extremely strong jungle champion.

Sejuani is a tank

If you’re looking for a tank champion to play in League of Legends, look no further than Sejuani. She’s an absolute monster, and her Frost Armor can negate a large amount of damage. She also has an excellent magic resist.

Sejuani has recently seen a rise in popularity in the current meta. She has decent initiation and gank skills, and her items give her good armor, health, and magic resistance. Most of her items also grant bonuses to mobility and armor, which is great for tank play.

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