Why Are There So Many League of Legends Ads?

If you’ve been watching online gaming advertisements, you’ve probably noticed how many of them feature gameplay footage. Riot Games has done an excellent job of using this footage to sell the game. In addition to that, they’ve utilized a number of other techniques, including Machine learning and Creatives. Read on to find out more about Riot Games’ marketing strategy.

Riot Games uses gameplay footage in its ads

Riot Games has been using gameplay footage in its League of Legends advertisements in recent months. These videos showcase different League characters and discuss the game’s gameplay mechanics. It’s an effective way to advertise the game to potential players. The company is also making it easier for its customers to get more involved in the game. However, it should be noted that the gameplay footage doesn’t always show the actual game. In some cases, the videos are just a preview of a game.

One way to make League of Legends ads more interesting is to include gameplay footage. Riot Games has used gameplay footage and cinematic scenes to highlight the fun and excitement of the game. The video game has an extensive fan base, so the company has found a creative way to make their ads stand out from the crowd.

Riot Games’ advertising strategy

Riot Games’ advertising strategy for League of legends is a good example of humanizing the game and highlighting its strengths. While most video games make use of traditional advertising, Riot Games has also utilized cinematic scenes and gameplay footage. In this way, it appeals to gamers who have a passion for competitive multiplayer and MOBAs.

The company’s strategy to market League of Legends involves leveraging social media as a medium. Riot has been tackling the social media challenge for the past four years. Global social media lead Amanda Jackson, who also works on Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics accounts, says that if you want to attract players, you should go where they are.


The creatives behind League of Legends ads have a strong understanding of the game and the people who play it. That understanding makes in-game advertising feel authentic. In one example, Mastercard placed its branding on digital signage during Riot Games’ League of Legends Summer Split tournament. This would have been perfectly natural if the competition were taking place in real life. And since almost everyone uses a credit card, this advertising placed the brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

The idea for League of Legends was born before the game was even released, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a phenomenon. Despite its early success, Riot faced a few obstacles, including a lack of revenue. The game’s early days were fraught with stress and uncertainty, and the team needed to make sure that it remained afloat financially.

Machine learning

Machine learning has a lot of applications, and it is starting to affect many industries, including advertising. It is an algorithmic process that analyzes previous data and applies it to future scenarios to predict what would happen if the data were different. It is often compared to human learning, which is the process in which humans gain knowledge and skills from a series of situations.

Game developers are already employing machine learning to understand the data behind complicated mechanics and objective values. With League of Legends, they are making the game more accessible to all players, including those with different gaming experiences. These changes aren’t the end of the evolution of the game, though.

Influencer marketing

The popularity of League of Legends has led to a rash of advertisements for the game. The game has a target audience that is different from other video games. For example, when the beta access opened in certain countries, Riot Games launched influencer ads featuring Korean superstars. These ads were intended to hype up the game and introduce it to Korean players. The goal was to create awareness for the game, as South Korea is the main market for the game. It also accounts for a large portion of the game’s revenue.

Riot Games has partnered with some big brands to showcase their products in League of Legends. Among these companies is Mastercard, which has been a partner of LoL since its launch. Its logo appears on the Summoner’s Rift, which is a key part of the game’s gameplay.